Cardarine AKA GW-501516/50156, a review of day 1

I love GW, it***8217;s nice to hear you got your hands on the real deal. I***8217;ve used it 5-6;times and 2-3 of the times I***8217;ve got it and it was bunk. It***8217;s a nice non stim clean feel good energy. I knew you had the goods when I just read your post about working out and I had to chuckle, GW is an amazing product. I remember when I was using the summer of 17 and even my performance at work was insane, I work in he construction field and at the time we were doing mason work and at the end of my 12 hour shifts I felt like I only worked a few hours.
It***8217;s sick how powerful big Pharma is in America. It is definitely over the top here with the Commercials for prescription drugs. One thing I always laugh at is when a commercial comes on about a pill that will drastically improve the problem you have. Then they say the potential side effects and its a list of like ten different things that sound worse than the problem you originally get put on the medication for.

Big Pharma and big Oil run this country in the aspect of how much money they donate to political campaigns and in return laws get passed to protect the oil and Pharma industry. I know it***8217;s not big Pharma but a perfect example of how corrupt things are here in the US,
Monsanto that makes roundup is just now having to pay out big settlements because their products cause cancer and the shitty thing is they knew their products are deadly but because they had politicians in their pocket they got away with it for years. I used to work on a dairy farm and every spring we would plant around a thousand acres of feed corn and it was GMO. It was modified to a degree that we would use roundup to spray the fields and every weed would be dead and the corn didn***8217;t get harmed by it at all. That***8217;s scary shit to know that stuff is in the food chain over here. The seed for corn was a purple/pink color not yellow like regular/organic.

i saw that Bayer bought Monsanto.
i used to wake up with a spliff and a red bull on the rocks every day for over a year when i was training and my teeth started to break apart and rot and my dentist bitch slapped me and prohibited me from drinking red bulls again.
soooooo i stopped all energy drinks, coca cola, all soft drinks and drank only fresh squezed juices, milk, lemonid and 2 gallons of water per day.
its been over a year since the bitch slapping and the result???

I lost over 40 pounds, am as healthy as a mule, do not take antidepresants anymore and can hold the pose of a meditating Buda for hours after smoking a spliferuny.
i was also spending a fortune on shrink bills and all the meds he was dishing down my throat, and seriously screwing my head up. just to make his money and keep me hooked on his drugs.
drinking over 12 large red bulls per day really messed me up with the anxiety, i smoked over 2 packs per day to hold me a 10,000 feet, threw me into depressions, etc. bad stuff.

for real, those energy drinks are pure poison and literal rotgut.