cheapest and bet whey to get your protein


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i have been buying milk isolate/egg for an mrp and post work out formula from protein factory, but i was wondering if there was a cheaper or better way to get my protein powder? any one know?
SH- Try a simple whey protein. Might want to check out the sponsors here for SportLabs whey, Ive heard nothing but good things about it and you'll be supporting the board. Optimum Nutrition & Pro Rated are another couple of great brands.
yellow should i use this whey post workout? and can i add sugar instead of dextrose. i should still use milk isolate for mrp correct.
Sugar isnt nearly as good as dextrose, difference in GI is the reason.
ok thanks for the help, i guess ill just keep buying the post work out formula from pf cause its a pain in the ass to order the dextrose sepralty. thanks for the help .
Yes of course a can of whey protein is cheaper than anything u can buy for the same amount of protein.
All the good things in a bodybuilders life, in a plastic can ! :D

That´s what I recommend too, but never totally rely on protein shakes; food counts also.