Chins: Behind the neck VS in front

Behind the neck general..

I am no longer & never going to do any behind the neck ex, I had not to lonog ago started doing both behind the neck pull downs & behind the neck overhead smith presses....& now the past 2 weeks my rotator cuffs hurt so damn bad, I have a hard time doing 315 for inclines on the smith machine for any meaningfull # of reps...the pain is slowly decreasing every week, but damn what a pittifull & setback..


TxLonghorn said:
I can't do chins behind the neck, hurts too bad.
Anytime I have done behind the the neck presses ,or behind the neck pulldowns I,ve experienced alot of discomfort.I feel these two excersises put undue strain on your rotator cuffs and put your body into an unatural postion for these movements......
Anyone else have this problem?
According to a study reported in Muscle and Fitness, pulling down to the FRONT regardless of whether it is a pull-up or a pulldown stimulates more muscle fiber.
In my opinion, anything that is done behind the neck puts far too much stress on the rotator cuffs. I prefer to do my pulldowns to the front and my pullups or chins to the front. I've had rotator problems so anything behind the neck is not even on the agenda for me.