Clen and benching


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If i'm going on clen, should I just not worry about trying to bench bigger.
I wanna add 25 pounds to my bench, but clen makes you lose weight so should I hold off on the clen. It's been my goal to bench 315 for awhile and i wanna accomplish it this year. Is it impossible or possible.
its possible brotha, but really depends on how your diet looks. just get enough rest and you should be fine.
That's hard to answer, since we don't know how your progress tends to be on the bench. If you are taking in lots of protein, training right, and drinking lots of water....leaning out a bit shouldn't prevent you from adding 25lbs to your bench. 25lbs isn't that big a jump.
My diet was good intill I started to work now it's all fu(KED up. My training is always good, I been going up 25 pounds on bench every year, but i wanna add 25 pounds this year naturally. I'm going to do the real power matrix, hopefully then I can do it.
Clen helps, by giving you more strength if anything it should help.
i got it all figured out now for work, i'm going to take 2 protein bottles and just add water to it and 2 chicken breast with some rice.
This way I can get alll my protein intake now i need to find away for carbs.