Collagen synthesis test weak tendons prone injury?


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So I have been reading some of the stickies about aas and tendons becoming weak. For me this is a problem because im not the kind of guy to just go out and provoke an injury if it's easily preventable. I am yet to do my first cycle of AAS but hope to start soon. My question is, if everyone says to just do a test cycle only to see how the chemical reacts to your body. Why is it worth the chance you could blow a joint on the very first cycle from maxing out if your tendons get brittle? Why not just do what the sticky said and sub in 3/mg per lbs bodyweight of deca to increase over all bone density/tendon health with test at 500mg a week and avoid the whole scenario of getting injured? I mean yes, there is a point to see what a substance can do to your body that has never been introduced before. But if your going to run a cycle regardless of those risks and since test is low toxicity anyways. Why not jump the whole thing and go with a stack?
I need some advice from the advanced crew here.just need some fresh insight on this.
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