conditioning... the most important muscle

Charles Bronson

old timey gentleman
the most important muscle, beats in your chest..

thought this was pretty cool

***before we hear any " cross shit " comments, let me remind you - this guy would roll any of us up into a ball, pull a funny shape out of our neck or arms, all without breaking a sweat***

fedor is an animal..

the more i get into lifting , moving away from boxing

im realizing my "ideal" physique isn't really something i can even define for myself/

how big would be big enough?

aesthetics, ok..

but I've knocked off so much fucking pussy, and now I'm married

who would i be trying to impress anymore.

I'm not doing this to get laid. not doing it for confidence..

I'm getting older, I'm realizing its time to embrace the physical changes that are happening to my body

if i just stick to what i know and been doing - its all wear and tear now. I'm losing ground, not gaining.

lets bulk and see how big i can get in a year.. two years

but when i get back around to cutting...

man i am going back in all balls out for conditioning

i can't get away from how i see my body

it performs, does the things i ask it to do.

i don't want to run down the street with a refrigerator on my back for competitions, i don't want to strip down to some gay european underwear and flex ass cheeks while doing a lat spread.

i want to be big and strong and healthy.

and if i have to - I'm going to be able to do some man shit.

like building a barn in a single weekend, or beating the guts out of some shitbag that needs it.

ill put on some muscle, ill do a conventional bulk with mini cuts for the next year, two years..

but once i put on some size, I'm going to push and train for explosive power and conditioning

see where my bodyweight and size ends up, with things like pulling jits tournaments and hitting the big 3 powerliting exercises

I've been laid up with an injury and thinking on this quite a bit.

i think as i progress, i will incorporate drills and training from thai boxing and mma that will fit well into weight lifting

shit that will add to my training, give me more explosive power - but deffinatey without killing my fucking gains.

as i become more knowledgeable about lifting, maybe even come up with a program.

focus on explosive power and conditioning for a cutting program..

been looking around, not a whole lot out there that is really available for public consumption that is proven, tested

a lot of what i have seen appears to be a little ( cough cough homo) less than legit

i put in a lifetime with this, I'm going to dedicate to weights now.. given some time, i want to tie it all together.


anybody have soe input or links/info they can share - really interested in hearing about it..

rambling on late at night, feel like shit and can't sleep.

thinking out loud

carry on

chucky b
Good video. The whole thing is impressive but I really found the left jab he threw at his training partner at the 6:50 mark was the best. Thats the kind of move you need when confronted with some dick head who thinks he can fight. If you wanna defend yourself or if someone is trying to rob you or something. A good left like that can make someone go down especially if they are untrained. I mean his partner had his gloves up and was expecting something and he still got hit. Imagine if you somewhere and you got some guy starting to get too close and he is running his mouth. You just whip that shot out and that should do it.
Chucky do you have a plan laid out for these "mini cuts" you mention and if so what does that look like? Diet,duration,aas etc.
People would consider that crossfit?

If you see pro BBrs, they will do exercises that isolate the tiniest section of muscle.. and be sure to leave no stone untouched in regards to their overall muscularature. Even if that movement looks silly and pointless. It is not.

Most of what I was inspired by in this video was that he was doing exercises that may have improved just a fraction of his total package, his total capabilities.. but it's something to not ignore as the best will always be sure to go the extra mile, that is why they are the best!

Nice video man!