Creatine+steroids. wasting your money, or wasting your steroids? Find out now!


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I just use the old stand-by , ON"s Creatine MH . Works everytime for me , I can see the change when I go off....~Bo


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I'm glad I found this thread because I decided recently for the first time to add a preworkout supplement in to my cycle. It has creatine, arginine, glutamine, and lots of b12 and b6 vitamins. I just tried this and was the best experience ever. I've never felt so pumped or strong in the gym. Felt like the hulk, loved it. Problem though is I only made it three days in and on third day after getting home from the gym my vision got so blurry I thought I was going blind. It eventually subsided after about 30 minutes or so but it really freaked me out. I googled it and came up with that maybe my blood pressure got to high to quickly and it can cause blurry vision from the pressure it places on vessels around the eyes. kidneys regulate blood pressure and creatine has affect on kidneys along with gear and i never had that happen until adding this supplement to on cycle so I've been afraid to do it again ever since then? I've done supplement before but only off cycle. This is first time on cycle with it and the supplement is noxcg3. My blood pressure is usually good cause I keep sodium intake low and I take supplements that help with it but it did seem to spike during that time for whatever reason. I checked it with the home bp machine I bought from walgreens. I know working out can increase bp to so idk...


Cellucore carries a GREAT Creatine Mono. Def check it out. Ive been using it since day one of my cycle and i jumped from 158 to 179 in 4 weeks.


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Bump, Great read!!! Always been a creatine fan. My muscles get way more of a pump than when not on creatine. Maybe it the water retention but i feel the dif, Muscles feel over pumped.