Customs Letter


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Just got a letter saying they took my order. Should i just throw it way, or respond? Not too bad though, just dbol.
Are you serious man, throw that shit out. dont even think twice about it.
By the way where was your pack coming from, if you dont mind saying? what country?
What region?I had one fro thai get nabbed and the packing was awsome only 100 pillls of medication opened and then sent through.

Rhino, dont order from peru.that's a hot region 02.
i used a source there and the packing sucked ass.
i had 400 pills for medication it was opened by customs and then returned to me .this happened twice to me..
thai and peru is the only 2 places that i had a little problem with..

It seems that anything from thailand will be searched, I am a semipro kickboxer and my trainer got shorts delivered to our gym, there was green tape from customs all over that shit. Thailand is a definite no no