Cycle for 40th bday.

Started TRT a year ago, 200mg/week. My goal was to run for a year and now that my 40th is coming up then I would like to run a cycle. About 9 years ago when I was 30 I ran a pretty basic cycle. Labs after cycle were good but ended up getting married so it was my only cycle. Wondering what recommendations someone might have for an intermediate cycle. Looking for a bulk cycle.

Leaning towards a 10-12 week cycle. Bumping my test-c to 500/week, considering anavar over dbol but would like a suggestion and then deca 400/week for 8 weeks. Wondering what anyone else might want to recommend. I’m pretty set on anavar but open to suggestions over deca.

Labs are sent every 6 months so I want to come off cycle and give myself 3 months to level back out before I send off labs to doc again.

I have worked with 3j along time ago. I plan to get back with him or find someone else to help me dial in my diet and lifting program even more than where I am at.