Cycle Help (D-Bol/Test/Winny)


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Looking for advice on my fourth cycle. This would be my second one this year, with the first one being in February.

My friend was thinking I should try a cycle with Drol, and I was thinking anavar but I have since scaled it back to the following.

Let me know if I should look into something stronger.... I am about 219lb at 10-13% body fat.

I'm looking for gains but to dry it out a bit at the end.... Not so much water bloat, but I know D-bol is known for that.

Additional Question:
Is it possible to switch out the dbol, for some Anadrol given everything is the same? (A Drol weeks 1-4 at 50 mg...)

Weeks 1-4:
- Dbol @ 50mg ED

Weeks 1-12:
- Test e - 600 mg per week, Monday/Thursday at 300 mg per pin
- Arimidex .25 EOD

Weeks 9-12:
- Winny @ 50 mg ED

PCT: weeks 14-18
[*] 12-21 days after last shot
- Nolvadex = 40/40/20/20 = 4 weeks ED
- Clomid = 50 mg ED = 4 weeks

Diet lined up
Workouts lined up
Will do pre/after bloodwork


  • Fish Oil
  • Milk Thistle
  • NAC
  • ISO 100
  • BCAA
  • Multi vitamin
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Looks like it’s going to be fun!

With the dbol and winny being mixed in for 7 of the 12 weeks on cycle... you could probably get away with a little less test with the same results.

I would also consider either a tad more adex throughout the first 4 weeks due to the dbol. It is known for causing gyno and you’re taking it alongside a hearty dose of test/wk.

Your PCT looks ok but I would highly recommend researching and adding HCG to the mix. Either a small dose weekly throughout the cycle to prevent severe testicular atrophy, or higher doses towards the end or during PCT to bring the testes back up ASAP.

You could cut back the clomid a little bit too.

Week 1: 50mg/ED
Week 2-4: 25mg/ED

Would probably suffice but hey it’s up to you. Everyone reacts to clomid differently but generally the sides suck for most guys. Why take more with no real benefit and suffer more severe sides?
So let me welcome you to O'logy :wavey:

What a nice change having someone doing a very sensible cycle. IMOP

You gave us your weight but I didn't see your height so I can not get a feel more for your body at this juncture.
All this looks a lot like a few cycles I've. The three compounds work together nicely. It's my cycle for shows.

I don't know what level of comp your physique is currently. When doing a cycle like this will produce some LMM gains but not the best. Reason is length of time to grow / build / grow due to some dieting and changing your way of training for the cutting end of cycle.

Using a kicker of Dbol it will be good for strength allowing you to life heavy and so work it, low reps. Then the cutting phase comes in. You know diet is key but also ya change the pace and reps. I can suggest ways for that phase.

As for PCT guy most everyone knows here I have no expertise in PCT.

I hope you start a log and update us on your log. Get back w us.


Oh, PS: listen if you can get injectable Winstrol... preferably the white compound :) Orals is not good.
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1-12 500mg test e - Monday 250 Thursday 250

2-12. 1/2 mg adex Tuesday 1/2 mg adex Friday

4-8 Winstrol 25mg am 25mg pm

14 - pct
The cycle does look good but orals are very very hard on your liver (I personally stear clear of all of them but to each his own). If you want something for strength and gains right off the bat I'd look into getting some NPP. Its a short ester Deca and I'm currently running and let me tell you it will make you strong and give you gains that aren't all water weight. You could run it for the first 8 weeks and see greater keepable gains (IMO) and then taper into some winny. This saves your liver and could also help you put on a little more lean body mass. Just food for thought, your current cycle by no means is bad.
If you want something for strength and gains right off the bat I'd look into getting some NPP

either run npp & tpp from day one

or wait a couple weeks for that test e to kick in before introducing the npp

or go test e or c & nandrolone decanoate together from day one

these storoids work the best when they explode simultaneously

rather than one prior to or after the other

that whole dbol kickstart thing is totally over rated & illogical imo

as if any these steroids arent going to get you on the road to Gainesville quik enough at anyrate