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A friend of mine got his pins snagged, so he did this cycle and said it was better than test at 600.
I am thinking about trying it. There is a point that concerns me though. I will be coming off a highly suppressive drug (dbol) with no test boost. Sure the Anavar (var) is a high dose, but I think I should add clomid 150,100 weeks 5 and 6.

Week 1 Dbol 25
Week 2 Dbol 25
Week 3 Dbol 25, Anavar (var) 30
Week 4 Dbol 25, Anavar (var) 30
Week 5 Anavar (var) 70, Creatine 10g
Week 6 Anavar (var) 70, Creatine 10g
Week 7 Anavar (var) 70, Creatine 10g
Week 8 Anavar (var) 70, Creatine 10g
Week 9 post cycle therapy (pct) (1), Creatine 10g
Week 10 post cycle therapy (pct) (2), Creatine 10g
Week 11 post cycle therapy (pct) (3)
Week 12 post cycle therapy (pct) (4)

1 Nolva 40, Clomid 150
2 Nolva 30, Clomid 100
3 Nolva 20
4 Nolva 20
And how much test are planning on running?

YOur friend is an idiot.

The Anavar (var) is not that high of a dose at all.

WHy do you feel you should add clomid in weeks 5-6?

This cycle is not good and you need to do some research.
Creatine is a great sup to use all year round, CEE being the best. I've seen cycles like these before but certainly not from members on this board.

Clomid at 5 and 6 is just plain wierd as the Anavar (var) will continue to shut you down...

Your friend may of had great results from that cycle but that doesn't mean you will...cycles are dependant on how you train/eat/genetics so unless your his identical twin living the same exact life as him.....
70 is an above average dose of var, without a doubt. it is a legit cycle b/c he got about 20lbs off the dbol, dropped 10 off that and finished and kept 15. not bad for an 8 week cycle
pinch yves said:
it is a legit cycle b/c he got about 20lbs off the dbol, dropped 10 off that and finished and kept 15. not bad for an 8 week cycle

gains have nothing to do with being or not being a legit cycle. A legit cycle is a well planned out one.
Alright ill say that this does not fit into the standard protocol for acycle. When i was uneducatd i actually did a very similiar cycle involving 60 mgs of Anavar (var) ed and 40 mgs of dbol. Saw decent results but i could have gotten better results if i chose other compounds. And it was probly stupid to run two orals at once. I wont tell u its a complete waste but there are better choices.
Yeah, you're right it's not the best of cycles. If I could pin I would probably go test500 1-10, deca 400 1-8, dbol 25 1-4. But for now this is all I can do. My wife's father is actually coming up from Florida for Christmas. He is a MD and has used gear many times. Maybe he will explain the juice to her. Anyway, I am going to give it a whirl. We'll see how it turns out.
By the way, do you think I should start the Anavar (var) earlier?
what do u mean he got his pins snagged?

the clomid wont do much of anything to bring test back?
i dont see why ur switching from dbol to var, inless ur under the impression that dbol gains arnt as permananent because they are watery which is debatable.

why not just use tbol and test.
He got his pins snagged by his wife. We lift together, hence our wives had a little talk.
Anyway, I wouldn't think of running dbol for 7 weeks. I figure I can run the D for four and the Anavar (var) an additional 3 at a higher dose. It's a 17aa, but it is not as toxic. The Anavar (var) is something to keep my strength up after coming off of D.
simpllyhuge said:
my friends just all keep their test at my house and show up once a week.
LOL well i live in strong island,ny so i will be over there in a little while to drop off my test.Swing by once a week
simpllyhuge said:
long island is definatly the mecca of juice heads. Im big in brooklyn but when i go to li or nj im a big joke lol
I use to live in canarcy,brooklyn and moved to long island when i was 8.
His wife found his pins. After which, my wife came at me and I was forced to give it up. She had a clue I was on anyways. Whenever I used test I always got slight shoulder and back acne. No sides with dbol though, except the obvious bloat. I usually say I'm on creatine anyway.