Dc training?


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it involves direct current (DC), semiconductors, and electron beams.

Its so much better than AC training


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Since this is not the convo lounge, it would probably be cool to actually answer the damn question. lol

DC is a guy on the internet who trains people. It is for advanced trainees and very dedicated people. Unless you are working with DC or IH, it's not really DC training, but a variant based on what he has posted online. It involves an upper/lower split with rotating exercises, rest pause sets, statics, extreme stretching, and eating a ton of food.


taken directly from the IA sticky.

DC (Dogg Crap, AKA Dante) Training
You would have to be hiding under a rock to not know about Dogg’s training system. Here are a few reasons why it is so productive.

It’s obviously very low volume. Say what you will about HIT, it works wonders for MANY, MANY trainees. Most lifters simply do too many sets, of too many lifts way too often. They overtrain horribly, and don’t grow. DC’s system has you doing 4-6 WORK sets a session, usually no more than 3 days a week. That is a great formula for success for the previously perpetually overtrained.

For those that can take it, the rest-pause sets provide the fastest path to hit the muscle fibers deeply with the least amount of sets (one). The system has a built in intensity cycling schedule. These are the so-called “cruise weeks”. I believe they were originally built in the system primarily to scale back the androgen use for a short time (four or more weeks heavy, two weeks low dose with Clomid to help HPTA recovery) and were then also used to scale back the intensity, and take a slight break from the grueling chore of the extreme eating required to build extreme mass. What is beautiful about this system is that it works wonders for both the gear user, and ESPECIALLY well for those training clean. Most people’s bodies just don’t stand up well to a constant high intensity pounding and this system provides just the active rest break that so many need, but so few get on other systems.

The loading changes every week. Dogg’s system of picking 3 different lifts for each bodypart and rotating them each week stops the neural adaptation burnout that occurs when doing the same lifts week-in, week-out. On the down side people that don’t recruit well sometimes don’t progress on individual lifts as fast as they would when the neural adaptations are allowed to progress on a weekly basis. But this is offset by the fact that most people get better size gains when the load is varied, and it takes quite a while for most people to hit a wall with this type of loading.

DC’s routines are setup a variety of ways, with perhaps the most popular and appilicale being splitting the body up like this:

Back width
Back thickness


Three lifts are picked for each bodypart, and each training day you do ONE of the lifts in either rest-pause, or strait set fashion. That means after warm-ups, you do ONE lift per body-part for a total of 5 sets per workout. If you are not familiar with the details of this system do NOT attempt it based only on the routines presented here. The extreme stretching and other details are part and parcel of the system and must be used as a whole.

Here is a list of DC approved lifts. I do NOT approve of all of the lifts myself, but know they work well for many people:

incline smythe
decline smythe
hammer strength press (incline and decline)
other good machine press
incline barbell
decline barbell
incline dumbbell press
flat dumbbell press
decline dumbbell press

smythe presses to front
smythe presses to back of head
hammer strength press
other good machine press
barbell press to front
barbell press to back of head
dumbbell shoulder press

close grip bench in smythe
reverse grip bench in smythe
skull crushers
dips (in upright position)

rack chins to front
rack chins to back of head
reverse grip rack chins (close grip)
assisted pullups
hammer strength "pulldown" machines
other good "pulldown" machines
pull downs to front
pull downs to back of head

rack deadlift
T-bar rows
smythe rows
barbell rows

barbell curls
alternate dumbbell curls
barbell preacher curls
hammer strength machine curls
other good machine curls
cable curls
incline db curls
close grip ez-bar preacher curls
standing medium grip ez-bar curls

hammer curls (alternated)
pinwheel curls (alternated)
reverse grip one arm cable curls

calves on a leg press
standing calf raises
calves in hack squat
seating calf raises
any calf machine with a good range of motion

seating leg curls
standing leg curls
lying leg curls
stiff leg deadlift
sumo presses

smythe squats
hack squat
leg press

Here is a sample routine:

Hammer Bench Press x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Military Press in Rack x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Skull Crushers x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Wide Grip Pull-Down x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Bent Row x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause

Barbell Curl x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Hammer Curl x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Leg Press Calf Raise x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Glute/Ham Raise x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Leg Press x 1 set 10/20 Rest-Pause

That would be considered the first rotation. Now using a DIFFERENT set of lifts, the next is done. Again, there are three sets of lifts, and after the third rotation, you start again, such as:

Incline Bench Press x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Hammer Shoulder Press x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Dips x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Supinated Grip Pull-Ups x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Rack Pull x 1 set 10 reps

Dumbbell Curl x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Grip Machine x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Standing Calf Raise x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Leg Curl x 1 set 8/15 Rest-Pause
Squat x 1 set 10/20 Rest-Pause

Here is another variation of the format that I have used with great success myself, and with trainees of mine.

DC, IA style with all weights
Day One, Week One
Dips Reps 8/16 Rest-pause
Incline Fly Reps 8/16 Rest-pause
Lateral Raise Reps 15/30 One 15/30 rest-pause
Skull Crushers Reps 8/16 Rest-pause

Day Two, Week One
Wide Grip Pull-Down Reps 8/16 Rest-pause
Chest Supported Row Reps 8/16 Rest-pause
EZ- Bar Curl Reps 8, Both sets done with same weight
Resistance Abs Reps 10 Machine of your choice as long as it fits you well and you can go heavy, or see my ab article Day Three, Week One
Leg Press Calf Raise Reps 20 2 Straight sets to failure
Deadlift Reps 10 1 set of 10 to one rep short of failure
Leg Press Reps 10/20 Rest-pause

Day One, Week Two
Dumbell Bench Press Reps 10 Both Sets Done with same weight
Incline Press, in rack Reps 8/16 Rest-pause
Machine Lateral Raise Reps 10/20 Rest-pause
Tricep Pushdown Reps 8 Both sets done with same weight

Day Two, Week Two
Supinated Grip Pull-Down/Pull-Up Reps 8/16 Rest-pause
Dumbell Row Reps 8/16 Rest-pause
Incline Bench Dumbell Curl Reps 8 Both Sets Done with same weight
Resistance Abs Reps 10 Machine of your choice as long as it fits you well and you can go heavy

Day Three, Week Two
Leg Press Calves Reps 15/30 2 rest pause sets. One to 15, the next to 30, fail at 8 for the first, 15 for the second
Leg Curl Reps 10 1 straight set to failure
Leg Extension Reps 10 1 straight set to failure
Squat Reps 20 Rest-Pause, Puke, go home


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You have to realize this program is not for anybody except the more advanced trainee. There's alot more about the traiing than you see posted here.


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Been using this program (i changed it a bit) for over a year it kicks ass, worked miracles for me. gained alot of mass+streinghs. the best workout program i have ever used

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MUNJA said:
Been using this program (i changed it a bit) for over a year it kicks ass, worked miracles for me. gained alot of mass+streinghs. the best workout program i have ever used

Ur not dcing unless ur following his exact program dude


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Maybe im not DCing but changes that i made worked better for me than "stock" DC program. After years of training I learned many new "tricks" wich I found work really well and not only for myself DC's program is great, I just used my "tricks" and few little changes to make it even better (for myself)


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intensemuscle.com. I have a training journal there and they help you out alot with your deit and what areas to change. I love the dc program, i'm gonna use it for awhile

Make sure you do 4-6 weeks blasting, then one week off......or you'll overtrain