Deca with Clen


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will a using clen at the same time as deca work against size and weight gains of the deca? or is it a better idea to wait until after the cycle of deca?
Clen will help you burn more calories. What are your goals for the cycle?

If it's an all-out bulk, I wouldn't run clen.
If it's a lean-bulk, I would consider it
If it's a cutter, I would run it.

It depends much more on your diet/cardio.
You can get some cramps on clen, sometimes they can get bad I guess. I haven't run Taurine w/ clen, but I will for sure on my next cycle.
Thanks Outlawtas2. I do not know how to start a new thread. I am new to this site.
Any advice would help. I am down to 230 and need to check this gear asap.