diuretic question


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how far out from my show should I start using a form of diuretic? Also what is the best one recommended from people who have competed on this board?...........J
Diuretics are definitley very tricky, I have never used one, but I dont compete either. I beleive Lasix is the safest, make sure you do plenty of research, Diuretics are up there with Slin and DNP as far as in danger, if one is uneducated.
i would not do lasix....nor is the safest by anymeans!
i have 4 competitions under my belt, so i have a little expierence here.
if you want to use a diruretic, i would go with something that is potassium sparing. such as aldactone.
lasix in my opinion, w/out expierence is dangerous.
aldactone comes in 25mg,50mg,100mg tabs.....4 days out from your show, do 50mg in the a.m. and 50mg p.m.
do not take in any extra potassium, because that also can be dangerous.
safety first...go with aldactone.
good luck and god bless
There's a thread on the Hardcore Competitors Forum that we talk about diuretics, check it out.;)
I would stay with Max's advice and get aldactones first then later mix lasix and aldactones after you do some homework. They work well together. Remember not enough is always better than to much with Diuretics
lasix is one of the strongest and most side effect prone diuretic iono wtf ur sayin foo
I went with diazide, its potassium sparing and pretty safe. I took 50mg before bed thurs, 50mg upon waking fri, 25mg in the afternoon, and 25mg before bed, and that was good for a drop of 15lbs water weight and I came in dry as a bone on saturday
I personally like a combination of aldactone and Lasix.

4 days out (tue)
50 mg Aldactone (morning and evening)

3 days out (wed)
50 mg Aldactone (morning and evening)

2 days out (thur)
50 mg Aldactone (morning and evening)

1 day out (friday)
50 mg Aldactone (morning)
25 mg Aldactone (afternoon and evening)

20 mg Lasix (morning)
10 mg Lasix (afternoon and evening)

This has worked for many people in the past i've known. Hope it helps.