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  • Hi. Been reading alot of ur material. Im impressed with your knowledge brother. And curious. Was u really trained by laura. Does she have gyms across u.s.a. i read article b4 i thought she was in or from canada. Just curious friend
    Thank you
    Hey I'm a fellow Canadian here and have an important question I need to ask, if you could send me a pm or even email me that would really help thanks again dude
    Hey, I have had a source for a while now. He was getting me Oxide labs gear and Strango Labs gear. But, my source hasnt been very reliable lately. I used to get gear off UncleZ. Is the gear off there good quality? Also, I need to find another source pretty soon, Im low on test. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
    so i have been reading many blogs and people are generally pumping the tires of the steriods they are usiing and what not and more or less everything i have read says screw orals and jump into test and deca and what ot. i was reading a forum you wrote about Dbol, obviously by bringing this up you can tell i have never tried any anabolic steriods haha. from everything i have read your responses were the first well written thought through response.

    SO this is where i am at.
    i have never tried any steriods.
    i am 25, 175lbs, and pretty shredded
    my strength in the gym for what i lift and can push blow ppl away but im just not seing any size difference and i have tried many different work outs.
    because i am pretty scared of needles i was thinking about trying Dbol and Winnie to start on a 4 week cycle.
    was wondering what you thought about this and what mg/per usage i should use and if these even mix well?
    Hey brother looking good. Question is Liqua tech still a good brand and do they make arimidex and if so what is the usual price.
    Thanks for taking the time to help other Iron lovers ! RESPECT
    Hello , noticed you speak well of LTL , I just picked up some test e but have been reading a lot of negative feedback on LTL lately and am having a hard time finding positive research on their products particularly their test e.... Many people say that it is underdosed, I'm not sure if I wasted my money but just started my cycle last week and it was the only test I could get my hands on.... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! (I've found a lot of old threads - 2005 etc but nothing current)
    Hello Needsize,

    I plan on starting a dbol and test e cycle in a few weeks. This is my first time running a cycle and I just have a few questions. I am asking you these because I have seen that you are an avid supporter of dianabol and im sick of everyone bashing it. Anyway bro, I wanted to know how much mg of dbol is good per day as i plan on running it for 4 weeks. Is 40mg ok? Also bro, how much calories should i be consuming? I do not want to eat too much as I am weary of water retention and bloat. After the 4 weeks, I plan on continuing with the test e until ive reached 10 weeks. If you could please answer these questions for me brother I'd highly appreciate it :)

    My stats:

    height: 5'10
    weight: 167pds
    bodyfat %: 10%
    3 years training


    I ordered gear from naps and never got it until 5 months later lol and than i started getting domestic from uncle but there down, would u be able to help me and guide me to a good domestic source for canada that has good gear not garbage.

    thank you
    I was wondering if you had any reputable hgh / slin sources? Any help would be appreciated, keep up the good work!
    Hey needsize, Its been a while since I've been on here. You're still looking jacked as ever man.
    I cant pm it says:
    gearboxx, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.
    Hey bro! How are you? Long time no speak. I was wondering if you could help me out with something. My gf ordered from promedications over a week ago and they don't show her money being received. She has sent a couple messages to them over the last three days and all have been ignored. Can you see what's up? Thanks!!
    Hey wassup bro,
    I'm new to this but I need some advice, I just purchased 100, 50mg tabs of winstrol and was wondering how should I take it and what should my diet consist of. Around the third week of taking the winny I planned on taking tren, is that a good combo? Thank you
    What is your opinion on Geneza products? I'm from Ottawa and trying **** Labs for my first cycle and need your experience on a few things. Thanks!
    Hey there, I was just reading about how you have had a lot of great results with a dbol only cycle and I was wondering what type of dosing/pct you went on?

    I am looking into doing a short cycle, and was thinking of test-p, but my acne has been bad from the prior three test based cycles and I just finally got that all cleared up after 5 months off. I have run dbol in the past and always liked the results, but it was always used as a cycle starter at a dose of about 25mg/day.

    Thanks a lot!
    I have a question for you. I am 47 6'2 235lb 14% body fat. Just finishing a DBol ,Sust 325 and Deca cycle. In the spring I wanted to run Eqip, Tren E and either Test E or Sus 325. Whats your sugestion on what type of test would be more suitable. I really respect your knowledge. Also would it be ok to throw Winny in that cycle also?
    Thank you
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