Eating Cheap!


Livin' the dream....
About to start a bulking cycle and wow! 5000 calories a day can cost a bundle!

What are some of the best foods that have a good calorie to cost ratio?
Peanut butter looks good... I will only eat clean so lets skip the fast foods.

Any suggestions? What's your fav?
Cheap is the only way to go.

Oatmeal - Dirt cheap, and is the source for 90% of my carbs. I now take it in liquid form (blended in a shake with milk or OJ). This makes for much less volume to consume. I can buy 5kg of Oatmeal for like $8 and it lasts a long while.

Chicken - you can't really get around this, but try to buy in bulk, like from Costco or Sams Club. You save a few bucks. I don't recommend frozen breasts, they aren't filled with quite the same nutrients.

Potatoes, Yams - very cheap as well.

Good Steak is obviously expensive, but I like it cuz it's like a cheat meal for me cuz I find it tastey.

I recently scrapped my weight gainer for a homemade shake, with more cals (and healthier ones at that)...I got it from this forum I think.
I'm always fucken broke with my diet. But you know what saving money isn't everything in life, fuck all those rich motherfuckers! jews! People sim to worry too much about the future, man just go and fucken eat! big fucken deal , hell it's your body your feeding for god sakes, what's more important then that??
Ah yes my age old delema as well.

Two Words...Costco---Wholesale. Buy in bulk...and start bulking.
But depending on how much you can walk outta there with eveything you need for the week for about 125 bucks a week. I don't know how tight things are for you.

But if you don't have one near'll just have to stick with some staples that will be reletively cheap.

-eggs---(alot of eggs if your really me)
-broccoli...string beans...carrots
-chicken and or fish--(chopped red meat might get a little costly if your trying to bulk.)
-whole wheat bread
-peanut butter
-don't forget water

...thats all i can think of.