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Hey guys,

Longish post ahead but don't want to drip feed.

I've noticed that the last couple weeks I've struggled to get fully erect like I normally can. I can still crack one out no problem but it's defo too soft for penetration.

To give some background, I've had a few issues before which may be related but may be irrelevant. I'd been on my own for a few years, most likely due to the general malaise of low T - hated my job, no energy, etc.

Started TRT, changed my job, much happier, and was seeing a girl until last week (this could be a factor).

With my girlfriend I had some issues struggling to stay hard. I was always rock hard at the start but would sometimes lose it and struggle to recover. However, truth be told, she wasn't the type I usually go for and I think that lack of total physical attraction may have been an issue, despite really liking her as a person.

I think I'd defo got a bit of nerves too as was scared of upsetting her after a few awkward times, and tiredness also played a huge part as was working 60+ hour weeks in a new career and she was living two hours away - only saw her on weekends and sometimes I'd start horny and then lose the moment after lying there kissing for too long (I don't think having ADHD helped, but sometimes I'd also just feel exhausted and needed to sleep).

The key thing to me is that I was still able to get solid erections on my own and many times after she'd gone I'd be like "godammit, if she was here now!" I do also think I've got a bit too used to watching porn over having sex if I'm honest, embarrassing as it might sound and the stimulus is different.

So now I've got a much better job, lost a bit of weight, stopped vaping (which should help) and I'm sleeping well, but even with 40mg of cialis it's just not hard enough. I'm defo sad about the break up but I just don't think that's the only thing. Not had recent bloods and my test may be too high as I sometimes inject 180-200mg but I've tried half an adex on several occasions and not felt a difference (maybe even lowered sex drive as opposed to high drive and low eq).

Just looking for some ideas and hoping it's just stress.
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How old are you? Stats?

Sounds like you've been under a lot of stress and the recent ending of a relationship poses a host of it's own problems in this department. I'd get bloodwork and see if your test is in good range and estrogen is good midrange too. As we get older we need things to be what we like.......so I get what ya mean about her maybe not being your type. I've had those issues before too. All said and done though.....as men we need to be able to perform and we all want it to be like when we were young and only needed a wet hole to stick it in. Get the bloods and see if anything jumps out as a potential issue. Get back to us with some stats. Hang in there bro......these things can usually get fixed
Cheers for replying man.

I'm 37 and.have been on TRT for about two years - initially gel but now 125mg sustanon weekly for most of this year. I'm by no means fat but not skinny - rugby player build.
Get complete blood work done and get an E2 sensitive assay. A lot of this seems like it may be metal with you. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and enjoy life.

Without current blood work , it is only a guessing game.
Cheers guys, I think you could be right.

I'm in the UK so don't think we have the sensitive assay test here. However, I'm inclined to think it's mental as half an adex should knock my e2 down enough to surely be in range at some point, even if just for a short window (again, I could be wrong about this).

I'm defo pretty down about this breakup, partly because I've just got a new job and it would've been a chance to see how I really felt about her without all the stress - if it hadn't worked at least I'd know it wasn't my job and crazy hours.

I'd have thought that in the moment I'd still be getting aroused but maybe it's more in my head than I realise.