ED vs EOD HUGE difference in blood results


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I just received my mid cycle blood results. This is my second cycle and it consists of 260mg/wk of test prop and 260mg/wk of NPP. This is an 8 week cycle. I decided I wanted to try ED pinning this time around. Just to give a little background information, my first cycle was test prop 6 weeks at 350mg/wk pinning eod.

Pre cycle bloodwork test levels: 588ng/dl
My first cycle bloodwork test levels came back at 1050ng/dl at week 3 of 6. EOD pinning
Second cycle bloodwork test levels came back at 2352ng/dl at week 4 of 8. ED pinning

Blood was drawn at same time of day for both cycles.
I knew ED is known to be better for less side effects but what amazed me is the huge difference in total test even when using a lower dosage. Just wanted to share. I will be going with ED pinning for all future cycles.
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Your test was bunk as fuck my capped test at 1500 was reached by 250mg of test ew pinned once