Estrogen suppression: is it normal?


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I started to inject 250mg of Testo Enanthate once a week and I took 0.5 mg of Anastrozole twice a week.
I took Anastrozole just three times so for a week and half.

I did my blood tests and I found out that the Estrogen levels were too low ( 5pg/ml and the range 7.63 - 42.6 ) and in fact I'm experiecing very low libido even if my testosterone level is almost steady at 12 - 15 ng/ml.

I waited two weeks without taking Anastrozole and then I run again my blood tests and the Estrogen is still at 5pg/ml.

How much time should I wait to see my estrogens raise again?

Since my Testo is high, it should be normal to have my E2 raise again, but this is not happening and I can't understand why!