ever seen this kind of D-bol

I think it might be. But like I said I havnt seen any other pictures that have the number 10 opposite side of the letter T:confused:
I have the TT dbol but mine dose not have the 10 on the other side mine has a line down the middle?
how can I tell If they are fake other than its looks. I heard if I popped a few a couple hours befor workout I would get a small rush,pump.
I dont notice any rush/ pump till 5-7 days from start. I just started dbol 7 days ago at 15mg and Im up 10lbs(water):)
they look legit to me...i belive they are ttokkyo (10mg?) try pushing your finger to is, see if the crush....
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if they are 5mg, why is there a 10 on them. Yeh I tried crushing them and couldnt. I popped one and it dissolved pretty fast and tasted bitter.