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You bros ever heard of evidince eliminator for your pc's??? Do you really think it is worth buying concidering some of the discussions may be monitored. Do you really think the feds will come after us for the stuff that is floating around on this board? I was just curious, I am one of those worry warts, man I hate being like that. Shit pisses me off. Well hope you guys can give some solid feedback, I'll be waiting thanks.:confused: :confused:
From what I hear, even if you erase shit from your pc, a piece of your hard drive still retains it, and law enforcement officials know how to get to it.
Enter, Huge Magnet.. burning works well also. Other than that I cant say that ANY software would render your HD useless in an investigation.
Someone with my training can still find traces. Check out www.anabolicforum.com and read Chick's way of properly erasing hidden files deep in the registry.

Second, try not to download anything from Kaaza. When doing so, trojan's are also installed into your computer without you knowing it and can seriously slow down your computer. This stands true for most free download programs off the web, but Kaaza is well known for it.
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A client of mine has a son that uses the light program to trade music. He was having problems with his pc running slow and hanging. I took a look at it and found several trojan's but I can't honestly say I isolated them to Kazaa light. If your pc is running fine than don't worry about it. You can check for some trojan's by just going to add/delete programs in control panel. If you see any programs that you have no idea what they are than they probably are trouble. Most date/time managing programs off the
web are bad news.

If any of you guys encounter any problems or your pc is not running properly just shoot me an email and I'll try to help you out. No $140./hr for my steroidology bro's! What I learn from you guys on this site is priceless.
Man I tell you. That is better than trading sources and stuff. I really appreciate the help because I am not to computer savy and any instruction would be of great help! Thanks compman :D