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G'day Steroidology.

Let me preface this that I am aware that the general rule of thumb with this website is that steroids are not recommended for anyone under the age of 25. The likelihood of me using or even obtaining steroids is slim but not impossible nor unlikely. I'm 16 currently (very young but manys standards, I know) and will be turning 17 in a few months. If it counts for anything, it is incredibly doubtful I'd start before then, although in the grand scheme of things that age gap means next to nothing.

As a first cycle, I was looking at:

Test e cycle 12 weeks
-500mg per week pinned twice a week 250mg per shot
-Arimidex on hand, .5mg eod if necessary

-Begins 14 days after last pin
-Nolvadex 40mg for two weeks, 20mg for two weeks

Personal stats etc.:

Height: 6ft
Weight: 75kg
BF%: Haven't properly measured, hold little bit of fat but am by no means 'fat'
Training experience: Weight trained off and on since I was 13, committed properly in 2014, 5-6 days a week

Benchpress: 1rep - 100kg, 75kg for reps
Deadlift: 1rep - 105kg, 90kg for reps (started deadlifts later than Benchpress, pitiful they are roughly the same ik)
Squat: 1rep - 90kg, 70kg for reps

Few questions about the cycle. Well broadly, anything that should be changed? But more specifically, is the pct enough and the dosages alright? Should Clomid be ran as well or is Nolvadex enough? Also is HCG necessary, I've heard mixed reviews about it. Additionally, I could possibly have very mild pubertal gyno, I have puffy pointy/dome nipples that go normal when cold. Can't feel a gland and they aren't at all sensitive. Will cycling aggravate this and if so, what measures could be taken to prevent this or have I got it covered with what I got.

Thanks for your time


It is illegal for underage people to be in our forums you are banned and do not come back until after you turn 18. This thread is closed.
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