First cycle Test E 600 mg a week acne breakout


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Okay so im running my first cycle of test e now on week 6 experiencing the worst acne breakout ever imagined on my chest and back. I don't know whether to lower the test or what to do you to avoid this from getting worse. I've been taking 0.5 of adex EOD and my nipples have been slightly puffy as I have a little pre existing gyno from the prohormones i've taken but only in one of my nipples. I've dealt with acne all through high school from prohormones and have found Bactrim as an antibiotic to help. I was off it for a few years using BP with Erythromycin and now I've been put back on it as I am not allergic to the sulfa product in it. The derm put me back on it because of the breakout on my body, and i told him it was from a testosterone booster. It's getting to the point where im ready to cycle off just to fix it but i know i wont keep any gains plus im afraid it will make the acne worse. I have about 30 pills of anavar (50 mg) and was going to use it to finish off the cycle. I have nolva for my pct and if i add it to my cycle will it reduce the puffiness? I dont know what to do and would like some advice. should i continue the cycle? and should i throw nolva in at 10-20 mg a day? I was thinking this was caused by the high amounts of test and I was thinking about dropping to 300 mg of test e a week and taking the 30 pills of anavar and cycling off. Any advice would be appreciated as
I am afraid to get blood work.
Pre-Cycle stats
20 years old
180 lb.

Original plan
adex .5 EOD
Testoviron (test e) 600 mg a week in two 300 mg pins
finish off with the anavar (30 tabs of 50 mg)
nolva for pct


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Interesting dilemma, but you cannot be afraid to do bloodworks, just do it and get them asap so you can see what your levels are. this is your life bro, your hommies (nuts) will thank you way later in life and so will your girl.


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Considering your only 20, you should probably cycle off. Use adex for 3 weeks tben start your pct. You should grab some clomid too. Read the beginner cycle stickys.
Hopefully tbe only negative side you'll have is acne doing a cycle at your age...