first cycle


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Hello, just wanted to know if this looked like a good cycle that i started

15mg dbol a day, 3 pills
250mg x2 a week Test Enanthate from Aburaihan Co iran

I am really a hard hard gainer, and i am old, so i am tired of being small
5'11 140 lbs, as far as my diet, well 3 meals of chow hall food, while in iraq, 2 drinks of muscle milk a day and one drink of muscletech nitrotech protein a day

As you can guess we can really get anything here, and one of my partners got HGH, dont know if i want that thogh


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I relate to you I was 5'11 120lbs real hard gainer. Doing andropen 275mg's wk gained 20lbs lost 2 inches in height don't ask how but it works out better never felt stronger and weigh good for my height. hoping to hit 165lbs and only in week 5. Gained 20lbs solid muscle no bloat on just Andropen!!!!!! im benching 200lb when I started it was like 120 thats a 80lb increase....DO JUST TEST NO MORE THAN 400MG'S