First Post! Starting 3rd cycle!! Need your advice!!!


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Hello, this is the first forum I have joined since starting AAS. I have ran two cycles, but I really wouldn't call my first one a cycle more of trt.


I did my first cycle at 24 and it was really more of a trt. At the time I was 250lbs and very out of shape. I had recently been to the doctor to get a psychical and my blood work came back. Low test levels and low hdl and ldl which shocked the doctor. i will attribute this to poor eating and smoking lots of pot and sleeping way too much. Suffered from depression for 2 years because of a failed business, made a few bad investments in local start ups and parents got divorced all in that two year span. I was sleeping 13-14 hours a day and just staying at home afraid to leave and be in public, And I was financially stable which enabled me to suffer for far too long. In those 2 years I put on 60lbs. I finally decided to get help and get my life back together. I got focused got back into business and decided to start a healthy lifestyle and lift weights everyday. Long story short my new business partner saw i started lifting and asked me if i wanted some testosterone. i didn't know anything about it. He gave me 10 packs of sustanon 250 for free and 2 packs of nolva and said just do a half cc once a week and you will start to feel better, sleep better, wake up better, build muscle and fuck longer and not be depressed. . I saw no downside. We went to his office and he got all the gear together gave me needles and pads. He loaded up the first syringe and said pull your pants down, and there was no turning back. I ran 120mg wk for 3 months then came off and ran pct nolva for 40/40/20 and recovered very quick. No loss in libido and took 4 months off. Those were the best 3 months of my life. I couldn't believe how much energy i had, and I just felt good all the time. compared to the last 2 years of hell. I really didn't put on any size. I just lost about 20lbs and felt amazing. After I came off I started doing tons of research and spent hours on the forums planning my next cycle. I kept lifting and eating clean for 4 months and started planning my next cycle. now I'm about 230-235 and ready to do my next cycle. I decided not to fuck around and do a real cycle versus low dose trt lol

I got 3 vials of kalpa sustanon 350 and 2 vials of kalpa masteron e 200. I decided to run 525mg/wk of sustanon pinning every 3 days along with 400mg/wk of mast e every 3 days. I ran this cycle for 16 weeks. I ran sus for 16wks and mast e for the last 10 wks.

Here was my diet:

Breakfast: 8-10egg whites 1 cup oatmeal

Snack: Chicken breast or 96/4 beef with 1 cup brown rice

Lunch: 96/4 and more brown rice sometimes basmati

snack/ post workout 10 liquid egg whites/ half cup oatmeal/ two sweet potatoes

dinner: Chicken or 96/4 beef and 1 cup brown rice and a sweet potato

Before bed 1 cup low fat cottage cheese with cinnamon

I know my diet is mostly all the same food and boring, but I have good recipes and I like the food and if would get hungry or felt i didn't eat enough that day I would eat 10-12 egg whites in between meals.

My training:

Monday Chest abs
Tuesday Back
Wednesday shoulders abs
Thursday arms
Friday Legs abs

and 10 mins of cardio before and after every workout

then i would repeat. that isn't the exact rotation every week but you get the idea. I would train one muscle per day and throw in forearms and traps at the end of the workouts 2-3 times a week. I train for 60-90mins high intensity depending on if i workout with a friend or not.

I started my cycle at 235lbs after the first month once the sustanon started to kick in my strength went through the roof and i was sweating like a mofo on masteron. My workouts got better and better and I felt like a beast. After the second month my arms, back, forearms, traps and shoulders blew the fuck up and it was obvious i was taking something. I was very lean and you could finally tell I lifted regularly versus being fat and lifting lol. The fat literally fell off and my weight stayed the same. I quickly caught up to my best friend who had been lifting for 1.5 years and is natty. He hates on people who choose aas, but thinks abusing adderall, xanax and pain killers in large doses is perfectly safe ?? wtf ? everyone around me made me feel great and I was getting complements all the time because of my major transformation, but after the 3rd month it got worse and worse, my buddy got pissed because I could out lift him on everything but bench. I caught up in only a matter of 3 months. He tells me he thinks im on roids every week lol And Im not ready to tell people just yet, so I just say dude you showed me how to lift! its just good workouts and a clean diet.

After 16 weeks I stopped and waited 18 days before i started my nolva pct. I ran 40/40/40/20/20. the first two weeks were hell and I had intense headaches and slept 10 hours a day and had a hard time getting up. But after two weeks i was fine, and got my energy back, and I know everyone says do 40/40/20/20 but I don't believe you can do too much pct. Right now im almost done with pct I have about 5 days left then I am staying off for 3 more months then starting my next cycle.

I am very shocked at how well i have kept my gains. I have maintained the same clean diet. I would say i lost about 20% of my strength and i cant do as many supersets or high reps with high weight but I still feel amazing and haven't lost any size!! My arms, back, shoulders, chest and traps look big but more cut after this pct. Also no gyno! I now weigh 208 and I actually look way better now i have all kinds veins on my forearms and i look like i lost about 15 -20lbs of water weight. My jeans dont fit anymore (too big) and my buddy really thinks im on roids now because i cut down and i have all these veins lol

Another really weird thing that I noticed is I am hornier now on pct than i was on cycle??

To conclude I really couldn't be happier I am the strongest and most fit i have ever been in my life! I put on tons of muscle and shredded SOO much fat. I look great in a t shirt my back is v shaped and my forearms are huge and my biceps took shape and my tris have a horseshoe shape. I know this sounds shallow but girls are starting to notice me now and i am getting complements on my arms all the time.

I know this is an extremely long post, but I wanted to introduce myself on the forum and explain how i got here, and how i turned my life around. I am no longer depressed and Im actually happy to get up in the morning. This new body gives me confidence everyday, and I don't take shit from anyone now.

I know I could have lost weight naturally and put on lots of muscle because im young, but this was my choice!

Since I had such amazing results with sustanon 350 and masteron e 200. I am going to run the same cycle but throw tren a in, and before you guys go ape shit. I know the risks and I am aware of how powerful this drug is.

Here is my plan:

kalpa Sustanon 525mg/wk pinning every 3 days for 20 weeks
kalpa Masteron E 500mg/wk pinning every 3 days for first 10 weeks
Kalpa Trenbalone Acetate 25mg EOD for last 10 weeks

And I'm thinking about running Clen for 40mgs a day for 2 weeks on 2 weeks off for a total of 6-10wks throughout the cycle, but Im still doing lots of research on the clen and haven't made a decision yet.

Thanks for reading!!!!
i like that cycle alot .. good doses and Dianabol - methandrostenolone - ,Deca-Durabolin - nandrolone decanoate - & test is a an excellent bulking cycle .. u will love it
i like that cycle alot .. good doses and Dianabol - methandrostenolone - ,Deca-Durabolin - nandrolone decanoate - & test is a an excellent bulking cycle .. u will love it

what dose would you run Dbol for the first time? say I wanted to throw in dbol on my next cycle
tren 25mg eod? sustanon every 3 days??
buddy, use google and do some research and try not posting a whole book on what you plan on doing.
good luck
tren 25mg eod? sustanon every 3 days??
buddy, use google and do some research and try not posting a whole book on what you plan on doing.
good luck

Its my first tren dose just want to start low and see how my body reacts. Sustanon e3d works very well for me blood levels are stable and no (acne)
sorry for sharing my experience , i was excited.

FYI : To help you in life with other things you write I will tell you that when writing memos at work and even some personal letters or even informative letters, keep them short. Always edit out what does not need to be said.

Now some of the guys here might be laughing because I am one of the most wordy of them all. Most of my posts are too fvckin long. When a company memo for instance if it is mote than one page or even if it is a complete full page they will never read it all. Just enough to get the drift.

So I'm not bashing you, I'm here to help in anyway man. So next time. And I try to heed my own words better. :wavey: