Follow my first cycle! Already 2 weeks in!


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Okay im 2 weeks into my test e/var cycle. Decided I would post for you guys and also to help me answer any questions. I just turned 21 and I know im young but nothing you say will make me stop. Im 220 pounds and about 15-16 percent bf. Looking to increase weight only by a couple pounds but lower bf a lot. My cycle is like: 1-10test E 1-3 Var at 50mg 7-11 var at 50mg. I will write a lot more later about me/my diet, etc. but feel free to ask any questions! I started this cycle at 211 so in about 2 weeks Ive put on 9 pounds. The questions I have for you guys are:
1. After I inject I see a few drops of blood inside the needle? is that a big deal? I don't think I hit a vein because it doesn't really hurt?
2. I have put on 9 pounds and felt a few sides(little acne) but my main compound lifts have not increased by more than 5 pounds? Whats going on?
3. Adding on to number 2 how long from test e/var did u guys notice effects? I understand test e should be about 4 weeks but I took var for about 2 weeks before when I was messing around and saw increases by 30 pounds in my main lifts?
Thanks, please no hate, constructive criticism is fine :)


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ok well your whole cycle is incomplete where is your AI and pct? You need to space out what your writing so maybe its a little easier on the eyes to read. How much experience do you have with gear exactly? You will need to get some AI and pct AI right away or your sides are going to go up and possibly get outta control. I am warning you now your going to get a lot end you cycle comments so keep your head right kid good luck to figuring this out quick.And by the way how much test are you running?And how long are you running that Var no more than 6 weeks your going to mess your self up so fix this ( I would quit and go learn more personally)
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Brotha this cycle is very incomplete.

Where is your PCT? your AI? Reasoning to front loading var early?
Also like said before try formatting your post so it's easier for us to read.

My first cycle was test e/var, loved it but I ate like a horse and correctly.

Your two weeks in your strength gains will come, be patient.
9lbs up is probably water weight, my guess is since you are trying to cut on this cycle you are NOT eating enough.
EAT EAT EAT. (Proper diet and training)
Let the drugs work their magic. Don't starve your body.
What is your test dose at and do you have an AI to manage estrogen? I'm guessing that 9lbs is nearly all water weight b/c of increased estro

And yes now is the time to post up your diet and your TDEE so we can see what's going on and you don't waste this cycle (one that you shouldn't have started but you already knew that)


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Duuuude. Yeah, incomplete cycle.
But to answer question one: pull the plunger while it's IM to create a vacuum. If it's in a vein, it will fill with blood. The drop your probably seeing is either the size of needle or movement.