Ganicus's SarmsSearch LGD Log- 2016


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Sorry everyone, didn't meant to get this out so late, but here it is.

Happy New Year everyone,

We got back from out vacation a day later than I thought, sorry for the delay with the log. This log and any info shared here was and is from my research and used for research purposes, as well as for mine and your entertainment. I want to thank SarmsSearch again for the opportunity to do this log. I am not a sponsor (maybe one day) and did purchase the LGD on my own. I was offered a second bottle and to participate in a sponsored search. Thanks to Psizzle for that recommendation as well.

Previously mentioned, I choose SS (well you can find the thread) and placed the order. Product was received 2 days later on a Saturday packaged nicely with a notice inside just pointing out that this is for research purposes and not human consumption. Bottle was wrapped nicely and sealed tight. My original plan was to run this for 4-6 weeks, but now that I am doing a longer log, I am going for the full 8 weeks.

Dose will start at 5, for the first week and increase to 7 and then level off at 10 depending on how things go. Since this product is 20 MG and not 10 mg it is and should be stronger.

Going to be 43 in a few weeks- shit 43, might need to do HGH soon
Current wgt is 180
Bf% mid-teens
Daily cal will be 3300-4000 a day with a min of 300 g protein –
Will be using the following supplements as well-
Super b12- have been using this already
Vit D3- have been using this already
Vit E- have been using this as well
Pure Leucine Peptides- new- will be starting next week once I get it
COP- have been using this already

I am not going to list what I ate every hour and how many glasses of water I drank. This isn’t a nutrition log and it’s my log! The effects of the LGD is what is going to be posted here. So if you’re looking to see me that I ate toast at 7 am with jam, not happening. Besides I don’t like jam. WTF is jam really?

Goal is to hit 200 or as close to it as possible with a semi clean diet. I’m not getting on stage, those days are over! Long term goal is 210-220 (highest I have been is 225 with 19% bf) with a mid to low teen bf by summer so we will see how the first 8 weeks goes. Other than that, any anticipation or other outcomes I am expecting to see from LGD have been pushed aside. I researched it enough and will make my own assessment as I go along.

My workout routine is 5 days a week m-f. with work and kids it is harder to get time to get to the gym like I used too. So I use the gym by my office during my lunch hour. We have a YMCA by my house and no offense they have a decent gym, but trying to get on a bench or equipment when you have 16 year olds with the sleeves rolled up to their throats and making the hissing sound of a flat tire as they push up on a bench press, well you get the point.

I work one upper body part a day, (forearms twice a week) and hit legs twice a week. I increase the weight with each set usually doing 4-5 sets per exercise and 8 to failure reps per set. My ideology towards training revolves around 2 bodybuilders that IMO are what bodybuilding is about; Arnold and Kai Greene. Arnolds training approach to attacking the weights and with old school knowledge while never accepting the last rep is your last rep. Kais mind to muscle connection and thinking about what you are doing and feeling the muscle with each stretch and contraction really makes a difference.

This is why my reps range from 8 to failure. With each rep I do the full extension and contraction. Seated cable rows for example, I don’t stay in the upright position as most people do. To me, you’re working more of your arms and not allowing for the full lower back extension and not giving yourself a chance to get the full upper contraction as well. I lean all the way forward with a slight bend in the knee, let the stack almost touch the other plates, pull all the way back and flex upon the peak of the positive motion; another words as the bar hits your chest, you should be flexing your lats and squeezing your upper back. That to me is the way to do a seated cable row. I strive to get a full stretch and contraction on each rep. I use this principal with each muscle group and for me, this has worked the best.

Sunday 1/3
First dose taken at 9 am 5 mg. This is a non-gym day. as far as the smell, well really not much of one. Taste on a scale of 1-10 I would say 5. Not going to make you gag or puke. I will say that the after taste is worse! Lol- swallowing water a few minutes later, subject reported the taste seemed to intensify. Rest of the day, nothing really to report.

Monday 1/4
Dose taken at 830 am 5mg. mood was good, felt good too. Believe it’s still early to say much but at the gym, I noticed the fatigue didn’t set in as normal. Had to get in and get back to work so made the adjustments to this workout as needed
I work each arm independent until the last set this back routine I used ( hammer strength equipment, love it)
High Iso Lat pull downs – warm up followed by each arm done separately - reps and sets of 10 x 90; 9 x 115; 8 x 135; 6 x 160 – drop set 6 x 135, 7 x 115, 7 x 90
Low iso pulls – same as above
Cable rows- 165 x 15, 185 x 10; 205 x 8, 225 x 8 – 225 x 8
T bar wide grip– 90 x 12; 115 x 10 , 125 x 10
Seated Bent over db flies 25 x15 3 sets
Rev peck deck 115 x 12 2 sets 130 x 8 2 sets

Felt pretty fucking pumped after this workout. Little more than normal and felt that I could have stayed and done more if I had the time. When I got back to the office was pretty hungry and ate several times- had my boss playing elephant sounds all day because I was eating. Good night sleep as well.

Tuesday 1/5
Dose taken at 830 5 mg again and back was a little bit soar this am. Felt good and mood was the same especially because I was outside in 8 degree weather for most of the morning before gym. Shoulder day and was looking forward to it.
Military press on smith Warm up then
135 x 8; 155 x 8; 175 x 6; 185 x 6; 205 x 6; 225 x 4
Single arm barbell shrugs
135 x 10 4 sets each arm
Db frontal raises
25x 9; 30 x 9; 35 x 9
Seated side lat raises with Arnold press superset
So for the first set, I start with Arnold press and go right into side lat raise. Second set I do the side lat raise then Arnold press and vice versa for a total of 4 sets
25 x8 Arnold – 25 x 8 side lat raise- 4 sets same wgt
Hammer strength iso military press
3 sets of 8 x 90 each arm

Shoulders were pumped and I mean pumped. I was wearing a baggy shirt and when I would lean over a little or stretch out I could see the traps without even trying. I mean this was nuts. 2 hours after I left the gym, I was still pumped . I felt great after each set and again, if I had just a little more time but there is always tomorrow.
Boss played the elephant sound again all day. another good night’s sleep.

Wednesday 1/6
Feel pretty good this morning, got a decent night sleep and ready to roll today. Same time and dose as usual for another couple of days. Weight this morning 183.

I feel on point today and focused. Shoulders are sore but a good sore and back not as sore. Today is tri’s , forearm and some legs so looking forward to that. Will have a little more time today. Was a little more hungry last night, but not that hungry this morning. The afternoon is when I can’t stop eating.

Great pump and really good workout. Again, felt great between each set, fully focused and wish I had another hour.
Today’s tri include the following:
Single db behind the head press with 2 hands –warm up then
65 x10; 85 x 10; 100 x 10; 115 x 10- honestly would have gone to 125’s but 2 other people were doing db shrugs with them so I did another set of 115 for 9

Seated reverse grip behind the head (palms will be facing the floor during movement) preacher curl extensions- this is really done to isolate the long head, the negative (which is the movement going back downwards towards the floor behind the head with elbows pointing forward ) gives it the full stretch, pause and extend upward and squeeze and hold. You aren’t going to be doing a shit load of wgt, the more you do, the more you are using your forearms and putting pressure on your thumbs and wrists, thus taking away from the point of this.
60 x10 4 sets

Db kickbacks
30x 10; 35 x 10; 35x10; 40 x 8
Rope press downs with split and superset with small bar press downs palms shoulder width – wgts used were the same for both rope and bar and each superset counts as 1 set
90x 12; 100 x10 ; 100 x10; 110 x 9

Single handle reverse pull extensions the pulley is head level and my palm is facing me, so I am now extending out working the long head again, with the pauses and squeeze
3 sets 6-8 reps 30 lbs

So my tricep is pretty pumped now and this is when the hunger kicked in. im not talking about “oh I could have a bite to eat” im more like, “ive been on an island for a week and need fucking food.”

Finished with wrist curls with db off the bench
4 sets 12 x 65
3 sets rev or throttle curls
8 x 25

On the way back to work, had an isopure and as soon as got the office heated up my food. Just ate without the elephant sounds and feel good. I am wiped out although not tired like I want to lay down.

My 4th day assessment:
Psizzle mentioned this sucker is strong! At first I wasn’t sure what that meant and there is no way to know unless you do it yourself. Strong IMHO, even at 5 mg a day, yes. Strong in a very good way. Its almost like having that energy drink without the jitters or crash. The feeling you can keep going, take a few minutes longer between a set and can keep pumping out reps.
Has my strength really increased yet? I would say that is hard to say at day 4, but my endurance absolutely. I have read that people have split the dose morning and evening and for me, there is no way I could do this. Even sitting here now in the afternoon 2 hours later, I’m still pumped and could back to the gym if I could leave work. I would be up all night wanting to do something! Does this make you pyscho and want to throw weights around and scream and yell? No!

I have also read that people are giving this 30-45 min before training. IMHO if the life of this is 20-24 hours (correct me if I’m wrong) it would seem best to have this administered and in the system well before exercise? Just my 2 cents. For now, I’m sticking with the morning regiment
Would I recommend this Sarm- so far yes I would. I am not using anything else in my diet that would contribute to my wellbeing, stamina, continued hunger or desire to want to go to the gym.

Until tomorrow-


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Are you running anything alongside the cycle to mitigate possible shutdown, or just PCT after?

Did you do baseline bloodwork before starting?


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Day 5
hitting the 3800 mark with cal

Went to bed at 1015 last night- yes 1015 and didn't get to much sleep last night. dog got up several times and took my protein shake later than I wanted so was up from that also.

Dose at 830 this morning but took 7 instead of 5 as usual. I already had it in the plunger so whatever down the hatch.

DOMS is a bitch and my traps hurt from the other day and my tri's hurt. Again, all in a good way as I have pushed more reps and sets. Ate little more this morning and before the gym so I wouldn't get that hunger pain during my workout.

Did bi's today- curls for the girls

actually bi day used to be my favorite, back in the day when we did bi's 9 times a week and hoping with each curl your arm would magically grow. As we age we get a little smarter and know that to really make your arms grow, hit tri's harder; they make up most of your upper arm.

5 sets of each excercise
rev preacher curls
hammer strength single arm curls
bent over 1 arm concentration curls
45' double arm db curls- back on the bench arms all the way to full stretch down and squeeze at top
hammer curls
high cable curls- single arm
low cable supinating single arm curls

energy level was good and again great workout.

wish they could create a sarm for doms


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day 6

7 mg again, figured since I started that yesterday I will continue on with that. Decent night sleep but was tired when I got up this morning. shower and moved on. dose at the same time and cal and protein on check.

hit chest today but after yesterday, my bi's are killing me.

6 sets with flat and went up to 315 for 2 reps- pretty much stayed within 250-285 range
incline went up 250 for 3 reps and stayed within the 215-240 range
db flies 30 db 4 sets
hammer strength machine bench press- 3 sets 12 reps 140 lbs

today was a bit harder to workout. soreness wasn't the issue, its Jan 8th so everyone in Newark wants to get in shape. By Jan 15th they'll be gone

finished up with seated calf press and forearms

going to start little cardio next week 6 min a day low intensity

mood is pretty good. no headaches or cramps. with each new set im ready to go and not feeling fatigued. something is working


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That's some heavy bench pressing, man. What was your average before you started the LGD?

max 405 at 210- in 2009

now 185 330 -350 depending on shoulders-

LG has done for me with a week on,
increase hunger, focus, mood stamina between sets
shoulders are getting more broad-
oh and the pumps man

remember with SarmsSearch- its not 10 mg its 20-

i just hope the gains continue as well everything else. again, on the fence about adding either mk 6 or ostra- thing about some logs dont really get into a def yes or no.might have to just pull the trigger


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sunday- no gym again day off- still sticking with the cal, got that handled. went up to 10 this morning, slept great last night and no issues to report. have noticed that the muscles that i work tend to stay tighter a day after. shoulders are getting bigger, wife even said something to me last night. no anger issues, headaches, stomachs jitters anything. feel on point and good.


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captains log-
monday day 9- second day of taking 10m. so what did it do and did anything change? a little. first let me make a recommendation to those who will administer a dose of 10- i would suggest going with 5 and then waiting a little bit before another 5. its not that their was a bad taste but when it starts to set in, it really sets in. it was like being in the zone and then in a separate zone within the same zone. not a jittery feeling or rage just more on. the morning hunger wasnt there which leads me to next point. there is a post about dosing. 5 ml is for a cut but 10 for a bulk. if you are taking twice the amount wouldnt it work more towards cutting? i have to ask a SS rep that one.

did back today, cable rows, pull downs with the bar that is shaped like a big horse shoe with handles, t bar rows, bent over lat raises and pull ups and forearms.

pump was a little more intense and the waiting between sets, that time just gets shorter. just have more energy

on the way back to work, had a pro drink and 30 min later went for steak and whole wheat pasta. 4 cups of greek yogurt and a piece of chicken, so the hunger started later in the day. going to give 10 a few more days and maybe switch back to 5 or 7. 10 may be a little overkill