Getting ready to come off B&C in 5 weeks.need advice


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hey guys

been using gear for a little over 14 month. now I want to come off .
i'm in week 5 of my blast, test e and deca.

here is my plan

> tomorrow is last shot of deca
> i start taking hcg @ 500ui/week today
> i'll lower test dose to 200-250mg/week for 4 weeks
> after last test e shot, i'll blast hcg 1000ui eod for 10 days and 4 days after hcg i'm going to start pct:

week 1 nolva 40mg/ed - clomid 100mg/ed
week 2 nolva 40mg/ed - clomid 50mg/ed
week 3 nolva 30mg/ed - clomid 50mg/ed
week 4 nolva 30mg/ed - clomid 25mg/ed
week 5 nolva 20mg/ed - clomid 25mg/ed
week 6 nolva 20mg/ed - clomid 25mg/ed
week 7 nolva 10mg/ed - clomid *

also i'll take 10mg zinc + 3gram omega3/day during pct .
I'm hoping to bounce back asap .

my blast and cruise history:

1st blast
500mg test e for 12 weeks
30mg dbol week 1-4
1st c***se test e @ 200mg /week for 13 weeks

2nd blast
350mg test e week 1-12
750mg eq week 1-12
2nd c***se test e @ 200-250mg /week for 10 weeks

3rd blast
400mg test e week 1-5
400mg deca week 1-5
3rd c***se test e @ 200-250mg/week for 4 weeks

i attached scan of my bw before i start b&c

any advice would be appreciated
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That’s a long run, best wishes for a successful outcome.

The plan looks good to me, a typical power PCT approach. I don’t think you need 100 clomid that first week, but if you don’t get sides then should be ok.

If you can get a couple bottles of IGF-LR3 and BAC water then start taking something like 50 mcg per day during the gap and PCT. It will improve you odds for not much cost or effort.

Good luck and keep us posted
PCT looks OK with 1 exception.
Not a Fan of Blasting HCG @ 1,000 IU's EOD for 10 days.

Two things are going to happen.
1 ~ you are going to Spike your Estrogen at those Dosages.
2 ~ you risk Desensitizing the Leydig Cells............................................ JP
I would stick with the 500 IU's per week, so roughly 750 IU's over 10 Days.
The Estrogen Spike will be much less.
And you won't be Overstimulating the Leydig Cells.