Getting your gear tested for dosage and chem compound


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Lab max is one kit you can get and test your gear yourself. It wont tell you if it is dosed proper but it will let you know if what you have is legit.

Another place is Their the company many sites have their sponsors gear tested from. You can send in what you want tested and you dont label what it is and they will tell you what it is and the exact milligram.

Sorry Milton if I violated any rules by giving those names but they arent gear sources.


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There is actually a kit sold called roid test and roid test.

Be sure to do your research on the companies that you're ordering your products from you never know what you're going to get.
some people may scam you and just take your money others may just send you a product with no actual gear ingredient just the oils or vehicular oil used in the product typically grapeseed oil.


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There's a company called ROIDTEST, which despite the name, is legit. They sell kits which you can use to test purity.