GH dosing? If you have experience and have used it please respond


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What is the difference between 2IU and 4IU per day? I read all over the place that some advocate 2IU and some 4IU. WHY??
I suggest that you use as much as you can afford for your initial exoGH cycle. Body composition changes are subtle and take a considerable amount of time on light GH doses. 4iu or less is good for maintaining your results once you are where you want to be.
To put it in perspective, the average younger man produces the equivalent of .5 to 1.5iu per day of endoGH. Some suppression takes place with Gh injections, so to see obvious results in 12 weeks, 4iu or more would be ideal.
My first usage was 16 weeks, 4/6/8/12iu pyramid over the 4 months. I've done well with 4 or less ever since.
hey iron is the carpal tunnel that is associated with gh permanent or goes away after u stop ?
It goes away pretty's like an allergic reaction. Some folks can get rid of it by lowering doses or changing brands, and still use growth. My buddy had difficulty with one of the chinese brands, no problem at all with a domestic.