got "toncelitas" is it ok to take d-bol with an antibiotic?!?!?


got "tonsillitis" is it ok to take d-bol with an antibiotic?!?!?

deca and d-bol and am worryd if antibiotic "amoxicillin" is bad to take with dbol and will it fuck wit my recovery or help ?
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Bro i am taking antibiotics right now with d-bol, i think its called Omnicef. I;m fine, i feel a little tireder in the gym but thats about it. You'll be fine bro.
Jus drink as much water aspossible cause they both toxic on the liver
toncilitas? Is that mexican food?

but seriously what kinda bogus cycle is that? Very poorly planned out. I see no reason why antibiotics wouldn't be okay.
k bak on topic any1 els ever used antibiotics on aas. ??

ps. since Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) helps heal would it help biotics???lol
Yes you can take antibiotics with D-Bol. I have taken antibiotics while on Anadrol and a few other Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) and had absolutely no problems.
"you dont need an antibiotic. gargle with peroxide it will go away.""

well in may case it rilly bad and it a bacterial infection . i need the pills thou sault water garglin seem to help ye sory bout the confusing n long post i waz out of it im a lil more fine now any way thanx for info wazz rilly curious bout it cuzz i didn see any1 ever ask or post sumtin bout wut iv asked so thanx all a ya :)
there are no reasons why you can't take an anitbiotic with AAS. most are metabolized thru the kidneys while the others are metabolized thru the liver. these drugs are routinely given to patients with chronic kidney and liver diseases only with dose adjustments. i would assume that you are a healthy individual and should have no problem. the garggling idea would probably work well with viral infections (most common) since antibiotics do not treat these, however if you tested positive for "strep" you probably need medication.

on another note, some antibiotics may compete for binding sites on the proteins that carry Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) in the blood, displacing them. this may actually increase the blood levels of these drugs, which would not be a bad thing i suppose.