***HELP***My weight got stuck for many months ***HELP***


No Pain No Gain...
Can someone please suggest me something for gaining my muscle mass and body weight please???my weight has got stuck at 62 kgs , it is no more increasing...i have changed the eating routine ...i take about 6 meals a day and eat a bit more than what is needed by the body .....i have got fed up....

Is there any other way i can increase my muscle mass as well as weight (not fat)...any steroids??? please help...
change lifting routine...it could be many things..are you overtraining?
give us some of your stats people will be more likely to give you some solid answers./
At 62 kg or 136 lbs you should be able to gain quiet easy. Don't worry about getting fat. In order to gain muscle, you have to put on some fat too unless you have great genetics. There will be time to burn the fat later.
Post your diet. How many kcal are you taking? How much protein? I bet you're needing more food.
Also post your routine. Are you doing heavy squats and deads?