HELP! Someone please tell me if this is real or fake?


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Pro Labs Pharmaceuticals real or fake?

Hey guys,

I'm new to the game and this will be my first time riding a bike. I have lurked around for a long time and have done some research and decided to go for it. I found this company located in the USA as im in the US and don't want to have to deal with customs but I wouldn't mind it as long as I found a legit source. Anyways I found the company and the guy offered me some products and I tyold him I would like to run test e at 500mg per week for about 10 weeks. I also stated that I wanted some Nolvadex for my PCT and some Adex for while on cycle just in case. He then sent me the links to all the products I had asked for and so I added them to the cart on the website, I went ahead and placed the order and normally I wouldnt do this unless I knew for sure it wasnt a scam or some bunk gear but there was an option to pay via COD (Cash On Delivery) si I can make sure I have the product in hand before I pay. This of course still wont determine if it is real tea or not so thats why I am asking anyone on here if they may know. The company the product was made by is called "Pro Lab Pharmaceuticals".The company name is not a source either its just the name of the company that makes it. Please respond and let me know any info you have on this or advice its all much appreciated.
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Don't bother. Never heard of it. It's an UGL that labels a box with mention of pregnant women. Something's NQR.
I have heard of this lab, but I have no clue if its real or even of good quality. COD for gear seems shady to me, as well, why would someone be boxing gear up with a UGLs name on it but the gear isn't made by said UGL. Usually if something need this much questioning and this much of a hassle to get, along with the COD gig, Id stay away from it myself.
Thanks man, I really appreciate your response. I guess I will just keep looking for another source, and continue to do some more research.
Thanks, I appreciate your reply. I thought the exact same thing and the fact that it also says human grade lol. The Tren they offer also says human grade.
Ya, just chill and search around, don't rush into getting scammed just because you eager to run a cycle. When you do this you end up injecting god knows what into yourself.
Solid advice man. I am very eager to run a cycle but I cant find anyone local to help me with advice or a source. So I started searching for some online UGL's but people are so strict with sources and I completely understand why it just kind of sucks. Do you have any advice on how I can find a source? Im not asking for a source directly or a link or anything but what are some good tips to help me with researching and stuff? Probably just reading through all of the forums on here right?
My advice is to hang around long enough and you will eventually find one, meet people and spend enough time in the circle you figure it out, just put your time in.