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Hello guys,

I’m 33 , 245 lbs , 6ft ,around 32% body fat looking to run the following cycle for 8 weeks….

Test enanthate - 250 mg mon & 250 mg thur (500mg total a week)
Winstrol injectable - 50mg M-T-W (150mg a week total , due to the half life of the liquid

I am currently a bit stuck on my macros , I will be looking to build / lean out while cutting the visceral fat with running the following macros

270g protein
150g carbs
80g fat

2300 calories total

I am a little stuck with the macros being the correct amount for the goal I am looking to achieve , any advice would be greatful

Thanks for reading
I've been in your same boat and dropped from 260 lbs to 180 lbs, around 12% bf currently. To be honest with you, given your relatively high BF right now, I wouldn't be overly concerned with your macros. Your main goal is to be in a calorie deficit while keeping your protein intake high. The 1g per lb of body weight doesn't hold as much value when you're dealing with a high BF, so I wouldn't see any problem with shooting for around 200g protein, but you're not going to hurt anything by consuming more, it just gets harder to keep your calories in check when you're shooting for 270g.

A lot of this depends on your level of activity and what kind of workout routine you've got going on. Whats your cardio like? Any idea how many steps you get in per day? You don't want to go too crazy with the calorie deficit, slow and steady. 2300 is way too low in my opinion. The gear will definitely help keep you from going catabolic and eating your own muscle, but you also don't want to be low on energy, motivation, and have a shitty mental state. If you have a reasonable workout routine, you will be able to melt that bodyfat off at 3000 calories.

Ditch the winstrol, it's got absolutely no place in your plan. It will not help you lose fat, and has horrible impacts on your tendons and joints. You don't need to dry out for a show, you want to lose fat permanently. Do a little reading on winstrol. I would HIGHLY recommend leaving it out. You will have life changing results from test only, combined with a reasonable diet and consistent workout and cardio routine.