Need some opinions after first Cycle of Test


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I am looking for some advice and opinions and general help for my recovery after my first cycle:

Background info:

Year 2014 in April: Age, 20, First Cycle Ever of just Test E - Bloods before:
LH: 6
FSH: 3
Total T: 27.1 (Range is 11-29)
Estradiol: 144 (Range is 0-160)
SHBG: 41 (Range is 10-55)
Free Test: 550 (Range is 175-700)

Did 1 Cycle of Test E 500/mg / week for about 10 weeks and did NOT PCT after Cycle, followed up with bloods in December 2014 (8 months after)
FSH: 2
LH: 6
Total T: 21.9
Estradiol: 105
Free Test: 375

Ever since this first cycle I have been feeling like absolute dog shit, mental health problems, anxiety, way less morning wood, less energy in general, tougher recoveries in the gym.
It's been years since this cycle its 2022 now ... so like 8 years, battling demons since, prescribed antidepressants, etc etc, lots of different blood work done - everything always within normal ranges.

It is now September 2022 and I decided to get more blood work taken to check this testosterone out again:
Cortisol: 273 nmol/L
Estradiol: 133
Testosterone: 19.9
SHGB: 47
Free Testosterone: 347
FSH: 3
LH: 6

I am wondering is this free test sitting in these 300's could be a culprit for this quality of life shit i've been dealing with..

I am hoping that someone has dealt with this in the past, and maybe ran a PCT or HCG protocol to deal with this situation and got anywhere positive? My last resort obviously being TRT I would like to try that first.

Please let me know your thoughts


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