Hey all!!! Quick question about time line on Nolv


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First post here, love the forums, a lot of good information and a great resource to use. So good in fact i had to register :D

Ok, so here's some info about myself. Im 37, 224lbs (208 before cycle), 6 ft tall. Ive been to the gym for years off and on, some injuries prevented me from going to hard at times but overall I consider my self active everyday and my diet is really good.

I started my first cycle on March 26th of this year.

T400 10ml/10 weeks/monday and thursday pin 1/2 a ml
60mg/day anavar (love this shit btw)

So for a first cycle it was important that I can low dose as much as possoble yet yield good results and so far so good. Was I a bit pudgy before i started this....absolutely, but i had a window of a few months that I took off work to run this...Im completely 100 percent focused on my diet and training hard, with results. SO far on my 6th week im up 14-16 ish lbs give or take with water weight i guess....BF is def improved BUT what Ive noticed in the past few days, my nips are CONSTANTLY hard....No soreness, no lumps, this is not gyno, YET, but Im guessing my estro levels are up a bit and this could be early sign of incoming gyno....So tomorrow I will start my AI, .5 mg EOD arimidex along with 20 MG daily nolv. Do you consider this to be a good dosage for this possible incoming problem or .25mg eod adex and 10mg nolv daily? Id rather be safer than sorry and not risk possible gyno in the future and I do infact have breast tissue fat there as is so i could be a little more prone or i could be paranoid? lol...im honestly not worried about it at all but wanted some of your guys thoughts.. Is hard nipples very common side with test cycles? and if Im losing fat on my chest since i started this maybe my nips are at a diff orientation now cause of muscle growth etc and now just notice that more along with the hard nipple look. Lets not confuse hard with puffy here ok. :)

Also, if I notice that the nolv at 20mg a day is working for the hardness should i stop with nolv and cont. with my AI for the rest of the month till eend of cycle. Thank you for your time and input anyone!!!

You would rather be safe than sorry, but didn't start an AI until week #6? Doesn't make a lot of sense.

Rule of thumb calc shows 0.20 mg EOD for 400 mg/wk Test 400 (1/2 cyp 1/2 e), so 0.25 mg EOD should be fine.
Ok thanks man. Should I have started AI at the beginning, most likely but i wanted to see how my body would react without. Im pretty sure I don't even have to do it now but i may as well. Ive always had it since the beginning in case but didint wanna throw more chemicals in my body if I did not have to? make sense? If my concentration of test was any higher I would think ID run it from the get go. Ive had no real sides but not curious enough to risk boobies lol.. I appreciate your feedback.
Probably what caused the excessive weight gain too. Might want to get bloodwork to see where your estrogen is at.
Probably what caused the excessive weight gain too. Might want to get bloodwork to see where your estrogen is at.

weight is from gains man, my bf is down a fair bit and im filling in, how much water tho not sure, but ill see with this AI how much comes off me in the next week or two.