How do you use your test?


Hybrid Athlete
I mean, 1. do you eat everything you see and just try to put on as much weight and size as possible? or 2. do you eat very healthy but still eat lots to gain only quality muscle and dont care so much about the weight gain? or 3. do you use test to cut and maintain muscle.

Its good for all three reasons right?

I would say I am a #2 guy!!! I eat alot, but everything I eat is pretty much on the healthy side, so the size I gain is quality muscle!
I am on Test right now and I eat pretty much everything. I try and limit my junk food intake, but I still eat some everyday. I has been working pretty well for me as I have put on about 20 pounds with little to no fat gain.

Next cycle, I am going to bulk again, but I will try and keep the diet a little more strict. We'll see how that all goes.

I don't think it is very hard to cut down the bf%, so I don't mind putting on a little bit of fat while bulking. As long as I can still see some abs, I am happy.
I think every cycle should include test, so ... yes to #3. Most people run Test Prop during a cutting cycle.
I use to use it as #1,but since my hairline is wrecked from it I will just be using low doses of it to keep up sex drive while I am hitting the equipoise hard. :afro: