How is your ratio?


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I am taking a sports injuries class this semester in Uni. Last class we were learning about hamstring injuries and our teacher mention something quite interesting. He said that if you have proper hamstring strength, your Quad : Hamstring strength ratio should be 3:2. Therefore, if you lift 90 pound with your quads, you should be doing 60 with your hamstrings. how many people have a ratio pretty close to this?
Im around there. I never trained hamstrings in HS, and my orthopedic surgeon said thats why I tore my ACL my sophmore year, my muscles werent pulling the same load, and the imbalance made me very susceptible to ligament injuries.
Guess my ratio is pretty close as I do 80-90 lbs single leg extentions and 60-70 lbs single leg curls...
I guess mine is pretty close. when i used to do leg extensions and leg curls my leg extension weight was at around 250 pounds and my leg curl weight at around 160 pounds.