How long to return to normal levels ?


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Question for anyone who has stopped steroids after long time steroids, how long for Hct level to return to normal? I'm looking for actual experience not theory. Do you think it's possible for the body to get so used to the steroids that it sets a new "normal" and never returns to the old normal even after a year of not using?
For HCT you really need to go give blood. This will help immensely. If you are not normal after 2 donations then either have some other issues going on or you have in fact set a new "normal" for yourself. That part is of course theory.
My personal experience is 90 days for the blood to turn over. This is confirmed by my doc "knowledge based" and by my blood work. blood causes the turnover more quickly and in 90 days you can donate twice. This is what I would do. Donate twice and get tested. If you are still high then it's time to begin looking into diet and lifestyle......and maybe even some meds.

This info is based on what I have experienced and what my doc has told me. Good luck and best wishes bro. Please let us know how this goes.
Thanks LateStart... donated every 2 to 3 months for a year but HCT creeps back up. Workup for PV (polycythemia vera) all negative (bone marrow bx, JAK, arterial blood gas).... no cause for secondary polycythemia (no high altitudes, never smoker, no snoring or sleep apnea)... hematologist suggested the 'new normal but just an off cuff comment bc he admits he's baffled.
Any suggestions you have regarding lifestyle or diet are appreciated.
I don't know how effective it actually is but drinking grapef-r-u-i-t juice has been shown to lower HCT levels too; better off just donating blood though.
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My Hematocrit Levels are always in the Low 40's ~ Range for Men 38.8 to 50.
On-Cycle I've gone up to 46, and even up to 48.

While Donating Blood will reduce your Hematocrit.

You can do a few things Naturally, to help keep it in Range.
One is as Freqfly mentioned ~ drinking or eating some Grape- f-r-u-i-t.
Another is drinking Tart Cherry Juice.
Or taking a Baby-Aspirin every day.

All Anti-oxidants can help with keeping your Hematocrit in Range while On-Cycle.
And don't forget to stay Properly Hydrated, which a lot of Guys don't do.
So Drinking at least 1 Gallon of Water a day, is important........................ JP
Almost forgot a Very Important Blood Marker.

Your Platelet Count is Extremely Important when looking at Hematocrit and Hemoglobin.
If it's also high, the Increase for Clots goes way up.
So it's Not just 1 Blood Marker to be looking at.
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So you've already been donating and it's still high? I think you can donate about every 6 weeks.......and that's what I would suggest. That's what I do to try and keep mine down and it's working for now.
Have you ever been able to lower it? Maybe a one time phlebotomy and then regular donations after? Sorry bro.....I'm just trying to think how to fix this quickly, as I realize the seriousness of your situation.
As far as lifestyle? Not sure what exactly you do now.....but weights 5 days a week and 20 min of cardio every day cures almost everything but cancer :)
And the diet needs to be bland and boring. Boneless skinless chicken, white fish, eggs......broccoli, green beans ,peas........Brown rice, yams, plain oatmeal. At least 1 to 1.5 gallons of water every day. This is the cookie cutter cure all diet and exercise plan.
The cleaner and more boring your food......the thinner your blood. The more hydrated you are.....the thinner your blood.
Maybe you are already doing these things. If so.....perhaps meds are the only way. Either way , get this worked out bro. Stroke and heart attack become high risk if that number gets high.
Please let us know what ends up working for you. Perhaps someone else can learn from your experience.
God bless