Hulkster Is Fleeing The Country!!!

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For whatever reason, the FBI paid me a little "knock and talk" visit a week or so ago, and until now, I wasn't sure as to whether or not I should be worried. But here is what happened.

Sometime around 9-10 in the morning, someone was knocking on my door. I had just finished showering, and quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to the front door. There were two men, who identified themselves as local FBI agents for a certain branch, which city/state will remain nameless. They said that they received an "ANONYMOUS TIP" that I was "involved" with anabolic steroids. I immediately said I wasn't, and then when they started to ask me to explain the anonymous information (which was anonymous LIES), I told them my lawyer would be more than happy to answer their questions. They started that whole typical Fed talk about, "The only people who need lawyers to talk for themselves are people WHO CAN'T LIE FOR THEMSELVES" routine. I them told them to leave, unless they had a signed warrant from a judge to either search and/or arrest me. They said they didn't, and was just there to ask some questions. I said I still wouldn't discuss anything.

Then they did away with what little "politeness" they were originally using with me, and outright started to BULLY me into answering their questions by severely raising their voices and threatening that if I don't cooperate, they will just find "others" who will. I continued to say I don't know what you are talking about, and told them to leave again.

I'm just curious as to who gave them the anonymous information, a.k.a. lies, about me. The FBI had ABSOLUTELY no proof against me, and didn't EVEN ONCE BOTHER TO THROW ONE ACCUSATION IN MY FACE. It seems that someone, WHO HAD MY LOCAL HOME ADDRESS AND NAME, called the nearest FBI office near my home, gave them my personal information, and made up some lies that I was involved with anabolic steroids. HOW FUNNY THIS COMES NO MORE THAN A MONTH AFTER I WAS UNJUSTLY BANNED FROM A WEBSITE THAT ALLUDED THAT I WAS PARTICIPATING IN ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. MORE COINCIDENTALLY, THIS SAME WEBSITE HAS MY REAL, FULL NAME AND HOME ADDRESS. But I can't prove anything, so I'm not going to say the website's name. But what I think happened, BETTER NOT BE WHAT HAPPENED. Even BIG FED/WARBIRD doesn't deserve this.....LOL
just my opinion, but the story sounds like bullshit. why the hell is the FBI going to pay you a visit without any evidence? you dont think the FBI has better things to do.

secondly, why the hell would the FBI come visit considering that most steroid cases are State cases anyways, not Federal. do you even know how much gear you have to possess to have a steroid case go Federal? its crazy numbers man.

hell, the fuckin State police arent even going to visit you giving the fact that some informant may have talked about you. your saying some Federal employees came to see you, no way man. the FBI, even given their terrible handling of the terrorist situation, isnt going to totally give away a possible case against you by knocking on your door and trying to ask questions. thats retarded.

well, im sure you will tell me i am wrong and thats fine, just thought id get some stuff in the open that came to my head as soon as i read your post.

dirty-dog said:

maybe someone is fucking w/ you?

But why would TWO people come to my home, and claim to be FBI agents? To scare me for what reason? I did nothing wrong, and secondly, who the fuck would have that level of personal information on me----and then, just for kicks, use it to come to my home and pretend to be FEDS? Most people with that info, who would want to fuck with someone, would use that info for identity-theft purposes, like getting a credit card in my name and running up the limit. They don't use that info to play FBI agents. Something's fishy.
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There is no real need to go posting what you just did. Calling people FEDS and listing a bunch of names with no evidence is uncalled for.

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wasnt dnp guru put in jail?
coolhandluke was an oversees scammer
wodin is a complete moron who never psots in the anabolic section
and manny 78 and sofageorge are both mods somewhere or another arnt they?

i find it hard to believe that there are amost 100 undercover feds on here let alone some of the ones youve named. not to mention these are jsut the ones you know of. id like to know what the proof is you have on these people
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Hey AAP, I edited your post not because it was wrong or anything like that, but because I have already edited Hulksters previous post so there is no real ned to address his old post on the open board.


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This kind of stuff is just internet drama and I dont want it on my board. Its pointless and because of it, this thread is not open for discussion anymore.
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