idea's for training a group on the beach?

WHat equipment will be available?

got dumbells, pair of boxing gloves with pads, buckets to fill up with sand, ball??

What kind of training and what kind of people? This could be pretty cool.

just genral fitness training to get people fit and to lose weight, the people will just be average people wanting to improve fitness and lose weight
I know this is an odd question but what kind of sand? A boot camp style would be pretty easy to design but if its real soft sand it might prove too challenging.
^^^ its quite soft, but it depends on which part of the sand you are on, if you go closer to the water its not as soft, if you go further form the water, it is much softer
I've been really thinking about this, mostly because it sounds really cool.

How about some kind of obstacle course challenge type of thing? I haven't come up with real specifics yet (still thinking), but it might add some fun to the fitness.
A boot camp would be easy then. Up an Downs. High Knees. Sprints and you can even set up relys. Just make sure you rotate teams around so one team doesnt lose all the time. You can also make them carry dumbbells then sprint to a teammate and the teammate sprints back... repeat till all members have gone. You can extend this by then making it an all out race/jog to a further location. Then you have you standard push-ups, sit-ups, sqauts. I wouldnt bother with boxing gloves and pads unless you have 4 of each.
yeah....this sounds cool....and maybe fill the buckets with sand and sprint to a teeammate as well, you can incorporate the speed of filling the bucket and the farmers walk advatage of carrying the buckets to the next teammate.