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have you guys every took igf-1 with insulin and test and had good results from it????

and what is the usually price for igf-1??
Diamond Bling over at Fitnessgeared just did a cycle of it. Sounds like some good stuff.

staybig said:
yea it does look good but my source does not even sell it so i fucked on that subject...

I agree, very hard to get and from a reliable source, so why bother. I here mixed reviews on the whole issue. Your better off with real Hgh. Good Luck.
IGF-1 is 10 times more powerfull than GH and 10 times more expensive

IGF-1 is very sensitive just like GH is if not more extremely dificult to get any real IGF-1

with IGF-1 and insulin in the stack a very advanced bodybuilder say one that competes in the 250 pound range SHW can make increadible muscle gains in 1 year 25 to 30 pounds easy that combo is what makes the bodybuilders of today who they are