I'm back! Who is gone? Who remembers me?


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Ok I had my left amygdala and hypocampus removed as well as part of my front temporal lobe. to fight my epilepsy. I lucked out and my memory making is split but I have a horrible memory now. My seizure med clonazam which is a benzo and caused my boobs and low-t is WAY down. 20mg 2x a day ton5mg and then 10mg. 110mg CBD am and pm. From the VA! I'm a special case all over.

But . . . .Guess who's biz-ack . . . you can still smell the VA in my clothes. I'm been home for a year and never made it back to the forums bros!!!!!

Have to get to my log and post a pic. I lost hunger and dropped at least 35lbs. I have prescribed Ensure now 4x a day.