Impact of steroid during physical rehab.


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Hi guys.
I am writing this post on the off chance someone has gone through something similar or has insight.
About two months back I had a flat foot surgery on my left foot. I am currently in a moon boot and if all goes to plan will have it off by the end of August. Physical therapy of the foot is to start sometime in the next few weeks.

My question or concern is what impact running a test and tren cycle would have on my foot during its rehab process. I will only be gyming upper body in this time with the only lower body work being what the physical therapist gives to me. I plan to start the cycle in the first week of November, a good two and bit months into the rehab.

I know it seems like there’s an obvious answer to this, it goes without saying that AAS will help strengthen the atrophied muscles, but my concern is more specifically what impact an accelerated rehab process due to AAS might have on healed bones, tendons, ligaments, etc.

Thanks guys

Extra info:
Haven’t been told much about the rehab but I’m guessing there will be a lot of ankle and arch strengthening exercises. Body weight exercises and theraband work, if any, to bring back atrophied leg muscles.
Aim of the cycle is to lower BF% first and add muscle second. Not going to be a strong cycle, something in the region of 300mg test e and 400-500mg tren e p/w for 14 weeks.