Intra cycle erection issues!!! Help!!!


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Hi guys,

New to this place so please bare any mistakes.

This is my first time taking tren ace and test prop, and i am in my 5th week facing erection problems.
Like i know my libido hasn't died out because in my mind i want to go guns blazing with the mrs but it doesn't stay hard for more than couple of mins.

I am 28, weighing 106kgs and using this cycle for bulking.
My current dosage is 50mg tren and 50mg test EOD, just because its my first time with tren and i didn't want to risk it. The results have been really good as in my strength is high and i am putting on good mass. But since end of last week i've been facing this erection issue all of a sudden.

I have used deca and test before too at same dosage but never faced this issue.

I want to run the cycle for 10 weeks and going to be using Nolva for PCT.

Can anyone suggest what should i change with my dosage to help with this issue please????


you need to read the beginners cycle thread and learn how to do a proper first cycle. you apparently know nothing about gear.


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Are you using any AI? The classic thing would be if your estrogen got elevated that alone could zap your erections, and also could cause elevated prolactin which will zap your libido, ability to climax, and erections.

It would be typical with test and tren to run some AI, normal amounts for 175 mg/wk test prop would be 5 mg aromasin EOD or 0.1mg arimidex EOD which is kind of hard to do depending on how your adex comes packaged.

Keeping the estrogen controlled will help against the elevated E2 symptoms, and should help keep the prolactin down. Some also run caber or prami which directly boosts dopamine production, which contributes to libido and erections and directly lowers prolactin.
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You're running tren without a dopamine agonist; big mistake and probably causing your erection issues. You jumped on the tren wagon way too soon; it's arguably the most advanced compound in our sport. Should've done a lot more research.


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Thanks @tankmanbob.
No i am not running any AI currently. I was told with the small amounts i am consuming i wouldn't need to. But would it be beneficial to start it now in the 5th week?
I have read few other threads as well and they are suggesting to increase test to them proportions. Would that be useful too?


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And thanks everyone else i deff don't disagree about having minimal knowledge about tren and may be it was too early to jump on it. But right now i just want to fix the issue that i am having. I am 50/50 about getting off it but would rather keep going and adjust/add what ever i am not doing right.


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Best would be to get a blood test that includes estrogen and prolactin. Since you are on a 19-nor you will need to get the sensitive version of the estrogen test.

That would be a better approach than to start taking AI and caber/prami. At 175 mg/wk test the estrogen may not be the issue, so best not to shoot in the dark if you can get tested quickly. The sensitive version of estrogen, at least at my lab, gets shipped out for analysis so tends to take a week to get results.

Regarding upping the test, yes I've seen that posted too. No direct experience, but be cautious if you up the test then you will definitely start to need AI.

HCG if you can get it is always a good idea, and might help you a bit.


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Thanks tankmanbob. I will get the bloods done asap and see what the results are. Also will keep going with the same ratio till bloods are back I guess. Thanks again.


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get some adex and run it at .25mg eod for a week, see if you feel better on that.. if not move it to .5mg eod (doubt youll need that much)

i highly doubt 50mg eod of tren is causing progestrone issues.. maybe a harder time busting a nut? sure.. but not major ed issues


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I would get an AI. Get off the tren please you're still young and for the first cycle really u don't need it. If you read "Begginers Cycle" this is the reason why so many of us old folks say to start with test alone. You never know what's going to affect you at dossages. While you're doing a very low dose of tren you don't know how sensitive you are or if you have a sensitivity to any given compound. So the best thing is to stop. Do your PCT and start from scratch. Do a test only with proper dossage of 500 mg of test a week with proper AI protocol and proper PCT. Once you do this and see how your body reacts after let's say your 5-6 cycle then start adding things. Remember you don't want to hurt yourself to the point where you're on TRT in your 30s. Or maybe even worse. All the advice that folks here give you is that you use AAS in the safest form possible so as to make sure your body functions normally after each cycle and your not damaging organs like liver kidneys heart , or systems like your endocrine system renal systems or reproductive systems. Good luck to you.