IP 50mg Dianabol


Getting ripped
Does anyone have any pics of these or do they even exist!!??

I was offered to buy 50mg IP Dianabol for 2 bucks each.
good price??

Also...he described them as orange-pink.

Any one heard of these?
I have used them and liked them. $2 is not bads at all for a gym price. And yeah they are orange and round no score.
orange round no score as said above.. $2 i guess a gym price. but i didnt pay that for mine.
They work well, i gained amazingly. but it was my first time.. Great kick to go work out. I didnt want to leave the gym.
try and talk him down to $1.50 or so. good luck and grow
Yeah you can get then for a buck or less directley from a source, but not at the gym, unless the guy your gettingt them from is a stupid fuck.