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This includes our PCT Stack as well.
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Our exclusive Iron Stack combines the two most potent male optimizing formulas in one maximum muscle building formula! When used together you not only get the results of both increased testosterone, heightened libido and improved erectile function, you also get a synergistic effect of all the components on hormone elevation resulting in more strength, more stamina and more muscle! Hormones build muscle and there is no more effective formulas than the IronStack combo. Use it every day and within a couple of weeks you'll see and feel the difference! You won't want to be without it! It's that good. You'll see."

So why use HPTA for your PCT? HPTA is a great for PCT because this is THE MOST PROVEN AND THE MOST POWERFUL TESTOSTERONE, LUTEINIZING HORMONE AND FOLLICLE STIMULATING HORMONE ENHANCER IN ONE ULTIMATE FORMULA. Now the whole reason for a PCT is to NATURALLY keep your T levels up or bring back to what they were prior to anabolic use. NOW assuming your cycle was of a responsible one, a post cycle therapy phase will by design stimulate your pituitary to release more Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) which will in-turn stimulate the testicles to produce more testosterone.H.P.T.A. is an interesting formula.We created it because we wanted a super natural PCT rather then other things/products.We just did not want anything synthesized. So, we came up HPTA which is something natural that will boost your T level up and not your estrogen. This is especially important when going through PCT or if you simply want to bulk.

H.P.T.A.( High Performance Testosterone Accelerator)


Fadogia is the only natural substance shown to increase leutinizing hormone in laboratory animals but blood test evidence from users show it works on the average gym rat as well! LH is what allows the body to create more testosterone. This is of utmost value to anyone using anabolics because after a few weeks, LH production starts to diminish. Fadogia helps to stave off that loss. And for the natural athlete, more LH production means more potential muscle building testosterone ***8211; but it is you own! No suppression! Just the highest , healthiest levels your body can produce.


Do not be fooled by any company claiming that Avana Sativa is the same a Avencosides! Avena Sativa is the oat plant and using it will be about as beneficial as eating a bowl of oatmeal. Avenacosides are a minute component of the plant and have the amazing ability to reduce SHBG. Why is that important? Because SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) is what prevents one is testosterone from becoming biologically active. When SHBG is lowered, you free testosterone soars! VOLUME contains the highest potency percentage on the market!


This is a proven compound shown to increase overall testosterone. This was discovered with controlled studies on animals where overall testosterone was increased up to 247%! This combined with the free testosterone effects causes a full time release of maximum hormonal health and vigor. It is important that the body continue manufacturing testosterone to maintain strength, aggression and testicular fullness. Nothing does this better than Bulbine Natatenis.


This is the concentrated active ingredient of Urtica Dioica. It may sound like a pro-hormone but it is entirely natural. Urtica Dioica in its natural form has been shown to increase Free testosterone. Testosterone that is Free is the only kind that is usable for muscle growth. All other T, even if it is high, is inert. The key is to get the Free as high as possible and Urtica Dioica does that. Divanillyltetrahydrofuran is the isolated active ingredient makes it over ten times more potent than whole Urtica Dioica.

Anacyclus Pyrethrum; 120MGS

: This is a recently discovery and very exciting. There are always differences in animal studies but the conclusions and possibilities here cannot be ignored. In a 28 day study study conducted at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences upon where male rats were administered increments of Anacyclus Pyrethrum, researchers concluded that this incredible herb had ***8230;an androgenic potential and may improve male fertility by enhancing spermatogenesis. This conclusion was reached after substantial levels of LH [luteinizing hormone], FSH [follicle-stimulating hormone] and serum testosterone were found in the treated rats upon dosing them (these levels increased whether rats were given the small, medium or large dose of the extract.) Fertility, sperm quality and semen volume was increased was increased. In human subjects there were no negative side effects at therapeutic dosages Sound interesting?

Eurycoma Longifolia; 74 MGS

Long known as a wellness herb E Longifolia has recently been proven to effectively treat conditions regarding androgen deficiency, infertility, and decreased sperm count. The actual extract enables the body to produce more testosterone by overriding the natural reaction of the hypothalamus gland to halt production of the hormone. This is especially important after a steroid cycle where production is compromised and the body has to start making its own testosterone as soon as possible.


VOLUME is like nothing else on the market. It contains a combination of time proven herbs from Ayurvedic, Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate and Asian medicine blended with the latest scientific advancements in hormonal therapy to make a libido and erectile function formula to outdo anything you have ever used! When it comes to a product with obvious sexual advantages, it is hard to delicate, so we are just going to come out and say it. You want wood? You want rock hard erections? You want to SHOOT instead of DRIP? To put it bluntly***8230; you want big loads? Then you need VOLUME.

Nothing else compares. THIS IS THE STUFF THAT DELIVERS! Just one dose and you will see for yourself right away.


Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate: 1.1 grams This amino acid helps all the other ingredients work at an optimum level. It also increases blood plasma which in turn can increase the volume of blood that enters the extremities. This helps in both the gym and the bedroom! AAK is great before workouts because it increases pumps, which in turn results in the expansion of muscle tissue. And the circulatory effects of AAK also works to help keep the liver and kidneys healthy.

L Citrulline: 1 gram Studies conduction and reported though Pub Med prove that L Citrulline improves erection hardness safely and without drugs or side effects. It also improves stamina for more production workouts plus it removes lactic acid from muscles for faster recovery. L Citrulline also improves the bioavailability of Arginine so ti delivers a double dose of muscle building and sexual stimulating benefits. Oral L-citrulline supplementation improves erection hardness in men... - PubMed - NCBI

Mucuna Puriens: Standardized to 15% L-Dopa: 400mgs L-dopa has been shown to reduce prolactin. Prolactin kills sex drive and many steroids increase it. Mucuna Puriens reveres the negative effects and boost libido dramatically.

Cnidium Monnier: 150 mgs This herb increases nitric oxide levels which is exactly what ED drugs do. In fact, Cnidium is classified as a PDE5 inhibitor which is the same category as Sildenafil , (Viagra) Tadalafil (Cialis) and Vardenafil (Levitra).

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa: 100mgs Having many health benefits, including the possible prevention against certain cancers, Xanthoparmelia is a lichen that increases works as a vasorelaxant (the same thing ED drugs do) so that blood flow to the genitals is increased resulting in firmer and longer lasting erections.

Safed Musli: 10mgs Known for its aphrodisiac qualities for men. Safed Musli is also prescribed to improve vigor and mood.It is proven the test of time.
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