is it pointless to take hydroxycut during a cycle?

Why not? It's going to work the same way. If anything the results will look more dramatic because you will have more muscle as well. Just remember, cutting down is 95% diet.;
I just wouldn't take it with any high blood pressure AS's or clen. If you take it with test or Anavar (var), Winstrol (winny), sust I would. I wouldn't take it with Abombs or D though. It would defeat the purpose since most of the size and strength is from water you would be pissing it all out like a diuretic with the hydroxycut.
well..currently i am taking...

d-bol, test, and decca....should i take hydroxycut...or will it screw things up w/ the d-bol?
Since you're doing a bulk cycle, I really wouldn't add Hydroxycut into the mix. Like Powerhouse said, you'll just be pissing it all away basically.
the reason im asking is...

these f*cking d-bols are adding so much water weight, that im losing my abs....its real frustrating...any suggestions on what to do?
If you are worried about abs then take some Winstrol (winny) with your hydroxycut. Why are you gonna take dbol 2 different times in your cycle? Makes no sense to me.
Im taking hydroxycuts with Winstrol (winny), getting great results. Veins i didnt know existed are starting to surface.