Just got Blood work back. What does it mean?


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Any help would be great guys....

Comp Met Pan

BUN 23 (H) Normal is 7-20

GPT/ALT 73 (H) Normal is 25-69


HEMOGLOBIN 17.8 (H) Normal is 12.6-17.4

HEMATOCRIT 52.0 (H) Normal is 34-51

My testosterone, Serum is 3,965 ng/dl

Do I have anything to worry about? Can I do anything about it?
Thank you in advance for any advise you can give me.
thunderdman said:
My testosterone, Serum is 3,965 ng/dl

Hahaha. you didnt wait till after post cycle therapy (pct) for tests i take it. Some of those values are just out of range. get your blood done in a few weeks and theyll prolly be fine.
I get your point but I dont plan on going off until July. I am cruising at 600mg of test C now. I am going to bump it up big time in March, one month before my semi-pro football season.
I'm going to try out for semi pro and come in at like 380..just hit gear like a mother fucker..make any money doing that? Again, thread jack..rude.
Nope no money to be made. I own a team and it is non-profit. Just like to give guys the chance to play again and prolong my highschool glory days....lol No really it is alot of fun. It keeps my training intense and more reason to abtain my goals.