Kickstart a test only cycle with Sust?


I am planning my second cycle, test only 500mg a week for 10-12 weeks plus PCT. My first cycle was the same, test e for 12 weeks plus PCT.

My question is can i use Sustanon (sust) to kickstart my cycle? For example,

Week 1: Mon/Wed/Fri 100mg Sustanon (sust), Mon/Fri 100mg Test e
Week 2: Mon/Wed/Fri 100mg Sustanon (sust), Mon/Fri 100mg Test e
Week 3: Mon/Wed/Fri 100mg Sustanon (sust), Mon/Fri 100mg Test e
Week 4: Mon/Wed/Fri 100mg Sustanon (sust), Mon/Fri 100mg Test e

Week 5 til end: Mon/ Thurs 250mg Test e

Any good or complete waste of time?
Nope...don't piss away the money on Sustanon (sust) for a kickstart. the only real benefit will be the prop in the Sustanon (sust). the phenyl will probably be a little help, but by the time the iso or the deca kicks in, your test e should already be doing the job.

Save the cash and just buy more test e so you can run it a little longer to make up for it.
I wouldn't bother doing it with the Sustanon (sust). I can't remember how much prop is in Sustanon (sust), but with the dose you are going to use it doesn't seem to me that it will be worth it. Just go with the testE.
big waste of money kickstarting. just run the cycle as is
Cheers guys. I'll get some pink thai dbol and run 4 or 5 weeks at 35mg a day. That shud give me a shunt in the right direction. I'll drop the Sustanon (sust) and just run 500mg/week of Test e like last time. Thanks for the help.
outlawtas2 said:
You can also frontload test E if you don't want to run an oral

no matter what amount of Test E he loads with the effects will still take time.

I say try Dbol as you said, but 20mg will do nicely.
I've done it with a ratio of - something like - 4 Sustanon (sust), 3 Sustanon (sust) 1 enan, 2 Sustanon (sust) 1 enan, and continuing with 2 enan. It's okay.
sust (some sust?) has time release i believe. maybe wrong here, this might make it less attractive for a kickstart